Nancy Pelosi's lying about national reciprocity
courtesy Boston Globe
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This past week the House of Representatives passed HR 38, the National Reciprocity Act. A piece of legislation that gun owners have been demanding for decades. To no one’s surprise, gun control activists have been fighting it tooth and nail. Now that the bill is actually making headway people like Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) are freaking out, resorting to outright lies as a last ditch attempt to try and stop it from becoming law.

Pelosi’s tweet claims that “violent criminals,” “domestic abusers,” and “convicted stalkers” would be allowed to carry concealed handguns anywhere in the United States should the bill pass. That’s a claim so divorced from the reality that I’m having a hard time believing that Nancy hasn’t gone full troll in her dotage.

First things first; the law only applies to concealed carry. There’s a handy federal law in place — 18 U.S. Code § 922 — which details a whole litany of people who are specifically prohibited from owning or possessing firearms of any kind in any situation. Prohibited persons include convicted felons, convicted domestic abusers, and people subject to a restraining order (for reasons including stalking). If these people aren’t allowed to own a firearm, they definitely can’t carry one. Not legally The proposed new law does absolutely nothing to change that.

So her statement is 100% false. The very definition of fake news. I’m not sure if San Fran Nan is merely ignorant of the law or purposefully trying to deceive the American people here. And I don’t think there’s a third option.

There are some in the comments of her Tweet that try to make the claim that constitutional carry laws in some states would allow anyone and everyone to carry firearms everywhere in the United States. The only thing that proves to me is that these people haven’t read the bill at all and are simply re-posting fake talking points from gun control groups.

  1. The bill applies ONLY to people who have a concealed carry permit issued by their state. “Constitutional Carry” DOES NOT APPLY since there are no permits issued for Constitutional Carry.
  2. EVEN IF Constitutional Carry applied, these people would still be subject to the regulations in 18 U.S. Code § 922 which would STILL make Pelosi’s claimed “violent criminals,” “domestic abusers,” and “convicted stalkers” prohibited persons. It would already be illegal for them to posses a firearm, and nothing in the bill changes that fact.

The saddest part about this situation is that it highlights why — despite gun control advocates protestations — it’s impossible to have a reasoned discussion about guns in this country. After every high profile shooting the Dems and those in their civilian disarmament cheering section demand that we need to finally have a frank and honest discussion about firearms in this country.

The implication, of course, is that Democrats and the “gun safety” groups are more intelligent than we gun-wielding yahoos and they need to “educate” us about the fierce moral imperative of further restricting civilian gun ownership. But the “facts” they use, the statistics they generate and the arguments that we get from them, time and again, simply don’t stand up to even the slightest bit of scrutiny.

The debate around national reciprocity a prime illustration of why gun owners don’t trust people like Nancy Pelosi or those of her ilk. There’s simply no way to have an intellectually honest discussion about guns when the other side is constantly pitching propaganda and talking points, throwing around hilariously inaccurate statements as if they were undeniable truths of life. It’s like trying to reason with a toddler throwing a temper tantrum.

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  1. I think Nancy got confused, that hashtag days it all.

    She’s just got it out for Credence Clearwater Revival.

    Dementia ID a horrible thing.

    • If she doesn’t like CCR, then she really is brain damaged. Considering some of their lyrics, she might be racist as well: Old Black Water keep on rolling…..

    • I actually think she is being very honest. I think she views anyone who carries a gun and is not part of the “Special Elite” ( Or Protecting them) as a violent criminal.

  2. I know this is unrelated but are you guys going to say anything about David Kopel going turncoat and supporting a bump stock ban?

  3. Pelosi resorts to lies when she can’t get her opinion as gospel. She is under the impression that is she tells a lie enough that it will become a truth. Sad

    • I disagree. Her expectation is just that if she tells a lie often enough, it will become law. Truth is of no interest to her.

      • The law is the truth after a progressive gets ahold of it. Just look at ole-bamy care? Raging success according to the koolaid fan club.

  4. Ummm…criminals ALREADY carry guns…no permit needed. In all 50 states…and DC. WOW!
    Is this person really that stupid?

    • And using a gun in a crime, murder, assault, brandishing, even open carry or accidental wardrobe malfunctions, committing a crime with a gun, etc, are still illegal in most states. I do not care about anyone carrying until they decide to attack me with it. Same applies to knives, bricks, cheese graters, water bottles, etc.

  5. I am shocked an appalled that such a fine and honorable person such as Nancy Pelosi would lie about such a thing!!! Why if the right and honorable Pelosi has been lying to us who else has been doing the same? I’ve had it with this world black is white up is down it’s all so damn confusing! I’ve lost all hop and faith in all that is good and just to think the poster child for honest upstanding politicians everywhere LIED about guns!


  6. This woman is not, and has not, ever been deterred (or ashamed) that she doesn’t know the actual federal laws before opening her yap. This astonishing ignorance of gun laws has been a habit and stock in trade of Pelosi going back to her first election to Congress in the early 1990’s.

    When she was younger and more physically charming, she merely looked (and sounded) like a space cadet on the subject. Now, having been Speaker of the House, and as Minority Leader, this level of ignorance is genuinely infuriating.

    But let us not despair and instead, look on the bright side of things: The upside of bringing forward a national reciprocity act now is that Barbara Boxer is no longer in office, thereby sparing us some truly epic and gob-smacking levels of stupidity, illogic and ignorance.

    Still, I’m going to have to NB: We wouldn’t be having to listen to this utter nonsense if we hadn’t ratified the 19th Amendment.

    Just sayin’ – we could have avoided all of this.

    • At this point do you still think it’s ignorance? When she was new to the game I’d absolutely believe that but she’s been in the federal sausage making business long enough, some of that should have sunk in by now.

    • After all these years of her fighting to disarm the populace I can’t imagine she might still be so ignorant. Therefore it leaves only one explanation: she LIES through her teeth.

      That must be the first time in history a progressive gun grabber used lies to push her agenda. Wait…nevermind.

  7. What a crock of shit, HAHAHA ha, the national reciprocity will allow criminals to carry guns, Holy shit. Do those people think guns are relevant to outlaws. Doom guys right, Game over. Idiots, absolute idiots

  8. How about this?
    Gun deaths are about 35,000 per year…abortions are 600,000+ .
    I am pro2A and pro-choice…but I see where the numbers are.

    • … and it’s the Democrats fault for not reducing abortions. They don’t want birth control to be made OTC, which would allow women better access while also lowering the price. Instead they want it jammed into Obamacare so they can push their agenda.

  9. Nancy exhibits the symptoms for the clinical definition of a sociopath. Pathological lying without remorse and guilt transference. Since she has done this for decades it can’t be attributed to altzhiemers or dementia. It could possibly be a severe mental defect but most likely it comes from being a Liberal progressive democrat as it afflicts a great many people who claim this as their life’s guidepost.

  10. This is to be expected. The democrats lie about everything these days to try and sway the drone liberals taking the blue pill.

  11. I am pretty sure the bill was amended to allow for the states that don’t have permits to just have an ID of that state. I don’t like her either but the bill was amended to do that.

    Their claim of violent people is because some states allow violent misdemeanors to carry. Again, she is pushing the limit, but not really lying.

    I hate her too, and she is blowing it out of proportion, but lying she is not.

    • Violent misdemeanor convictions do not count towards the lifetime ban unless punishable for more than a year in jail/prison. But all DV misdemeanors count, for the purposes of loss of 2A rights, under federal law.

    • The bill wasn’t amended to allow for carry by residents of constitutional carry states. It’s always had that provision. The bill also doesn’t apply “ONLY to people who have a concealed carry permit issued by their state;” it applies to people who have a concealed carry permit issued by, as the bill states, “a state.”

  12. And she’s supposed to vote on the “Fix NICS” bill. As she said once “We have to pass it so we know what’s in it.”

    She’s got a whole staff to do her reading and explain bills to her. At tax payer expense. Um, the Dems think Trump is unfit, but it looks like they need to clean their own house. No wonder she has been quoted as saying “Not now!”

  13. Violent Criminals to Nancy Pelosi – “We don’t need an invitation to commit crime(s)”. “Because of your crappy common-core public school program we know what a transvestite is, but we couldn’t read it out of a book, so any invitation better be oral anyway”. “The one person that could’ve saved you from our villainous murderous desires towards you, you aborted. Thank you.”

    • She is actually exactly what you can expect to get from mob rule(democracy). A good dose of republicanism would certainly cure her.

  14. Avowed liberal democrats I know think she’s senile and crazy and should retire. Clearly mentally ill. And she’s in line to be SotH yet again.

  15. There *is* a third possibility, that she is so stupid she needs someone to tell her what is true and what is not, and her designated understander is lying to her!

  16. It is clear to me that her mom dropped little Nancy on her head. Repeatedly. It is now becoming clear to the rest of the nation, as she looses the few undamaged brain cells she had remaining leaving her staring into space blankly, saying the exact opposite of what she intended, naming Bush instead of Trump. On top of that, she has had so many face lifts that she when she blinks her ears wiggle.

  17. Come on Nancy you mentally ill clown… WE HAVE TO PASS IT SO WE CAN SEE WHAT’S IN IT!

    In all seriousness I have issues with the nics check bs being tacked on and I’m not sure I support the reciprocity bill. Everything Nasty Pelosi stated is still completely incorrect.

  18. “I’m not sure if San Fran Nan is merely ignorant of the law or purposefully trying to deceive the American people here.”

    Pelosi knows exactly what the proposed law means which eliminates the “ignorant of the law” possibility.

  19. The bill applies ONLY to people who have a concealed carry permit issued by their state. “Constitutional Carry” DOES NOT APPLY since there are no permits issued for Constitutional Carry.

    That’s not true. The bill clearly states that residents of states that do not require a permit to carry concealed just need a state ID to carry:
    who is carrying a valid identification document containing a photograph of the person, and … is entitled to carry a concealed firearm in the State in which the person resides

    But prohibited people are still prohibited people, so Nancy is completely wrong…again.

  20. Pelosi knows she’s full of shit but it doesn’t matter! 98% of the people out there aren’t going to read or understand the law. Face it, how many here have actually read the the bill? Besides TXlawyer and myself that is? What these politician clowns do is blurt out a bunch of scary sounding bullsh*t so that people will call up their Senators and tell them to vote no. Dianne Feinstein does the same thing. The reason they get away with it is nobody realistically challenges them. The mainstream media certainly doesn’t. Also, when they do interviews, the make sure the ground rules exclude specific subject and questions. If the person makes a statement, the interviewer agrees not to challenge them over it. The people on the fence about the H.R. 38 or who aren’t paying close attention are not the hard-core readers that frequent TTAG.
    That’s why it’s important for the pro HR38 crowd to call your senators and educate your friends, neighbors and relatives…even if you hate them.

    I wonder if Pelosi and Watts share the same hairdresser? They both have the same ugly-ass hairdo and color. It’s just dreadful!

  21. Nancy take your marbles and go home already. Ive had enough of you.
    Just please go away. Enough is enough of you.

  22. “If these people aren’t allowed to own a firearm, they definitely can’t carry one.” – And, the bill specifically excludes them from coverage.

  23. If you work from the premise that everything anti-gun cultists say is a lie, everything makes perfect sense.

  24. The fact that she is still strongly supported by the Democratic Party is mortifying. Modern day Democrats are the enemies of truth and freedom. I thank God that Hillary was not elected, since these two treasonous twits are peas in a pod. They couldn’t wait to open the borders and import more lefties, slackers, and terroirists. Personally, I am an Independent, but can’t find any Democrats currently worth supporting.

    There are also plenty of conservatives in California. We are simply outnumbered by liberal progressives and illegals. Since our state has no voter ID (It’s “racist”), Californians and Mexicans can vote early and vote often.

  25. In Pelosi’s world “violent criminal” is anyone who won’t submit to nanny state leftist tyranny, and surrender their constitutional rights in favor of an EBT card.

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