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This GLOCK 43 has extended base pads from Taran Tactical. These base pads add two rounds to the gun’s capacity while also improving the shooter’s grip thanks to the additional grip space. It also adds weight to the magazine, facilitating faster reloads.

Do you customize your handgun magazines?

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  1. If you need extra rounds in your mag why get the g43 to start with?

    If it don’t fit your hand get a different model.

    • I don’t get the whole three finger grip thing. I want my small gun to be small.

      the reload is a different story….

    • There aren’t that many 8-round 9x19s that thin currently in production, unless you get a Kahr S9 or something. Maybe this is just the right size for his application.

    • Carry my G43 w/ Pearce 1 round finger groove extension in my ScotteVest. Right lower pocket is just perfect for it and even includes an internal wide elastic strip designed to hold a water bottle, that holds the weapon and covers the trigger and trigger guard so that I don’t have to use a soft holster. Lower left pocket has an internal pouch that is just perfect for my spare mag. G43X would fit well too.

      NONE of this prints and the vest’s weight management system carries the weight superbly.

      I can draw from concealment and put the first round into a head sized target at 10 yds. in 2 seconds. ALL DAY LONG.

    • If you need extra rounds in your mag why get the g43 to start with?

      Correct my if I’m wrong, but isn’t the G43 noticably thinner than other Glock models? I know for me, a thinner gun is far more comfortable to carry (IWB). A G43 with an extended mag seems like a good compromise between comfort and capacity (standard G43 mags just don’t hold enough rounds for my liking).

  2. I scratched “yur fcked” on it. I myself do not use magazine extensions, I kinda like my mag sitting flush in the gunn hole

  3. No mag extensions, just extra mags. Be it a mouse gun in the pocket or a full size on the belt, always extra mags.

  4. As far as I can tell, my pinky (4th finger) is superfluous. I’d rather have better concealment. My G27 (.40SW sub-compact) is accurate enough, though it fades at 25+ yards because, well, it’s short. The G22 (4-finger Glock) is longer, but prints more easily.

    Let’s just say the G27 (three-finger) with 9+1 works. I appear onstage monthly next to our church’s worship leader – 1000+ people in glorious worship, and nobody – even my security team – has reported a print.

    • If they’re truly engaged in worship they wouldn’t notice, would they? 😉

      I get it though, I too am a part of a worship team (guitar player) and don’t really want anyone noticing that I’m packin’ heat up there on stage. Right or wrong guns do make a lot of people uncomfortable and I don’t feel like Sunday morning worship is the time or place to have those kinds of discussions should it be noticed.

  5. M&P Shield with the 7 round mag extended with a Magguts +2 making it 9+1. Backup 8 round mag also with the Magguts +2, giving me 10 more rounds, 20 in total, full grip, slim profile, super concealable.

  6. Why not just… Mind your own business, people? I can’t speak for the gentleman in question, but I put the Taran extenders on mine because I wanted the extra capacity and grip length, and I got the 43 because a friend was letting it go for $250. You don’t say no to that kind of price.

    If this explanation isn’t good enough for you, then I’m terribly sorry, but, just keep in mind nobody owed you a goddamned explanation to start with.

  7. “It also adds weight to the magazine, facilitating faster reloads.”

    Absent a drop-free effect that doesn’t happen with stock magazines, how?

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