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As domestic violence victim Kate Ranta writes at HuffPo, “The gun violence prevention movement was thrown into utter turmoil this week after survivors and advocates learned that Everytown for Gun Safety has sponsored the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) conference for two out of the past three years (2015 and 2017).” Why would supporting an organization of police officers throw Everytown’s hoplophobic harridans in to a tizzy? Because the FOP makes common cause with…wait for it…the NRA.

Everytown volunteers like me are now leaving the organization in droves, disgusted that our leadership would partner with an organization that has been a steadfast ally of the National Rifle Association and defender of racially-motivated police brutality.

And you know what else is causing rubes like Ranta to finally open their eyes and become disillusioned with Mayor Mike’s anti-gun hobby? It turns out that it’s not really the bottom-up grassroots effort Mom Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s Shannon Watts claims it is.

Over the years, however, I began to see signs that suggested I was not as empowered as I thought. For example, I was once coached to avoid authenticity in telling my personal story in order to “stay on message.” I also saw that survivors who were in the national media got preferential treatment over survivors who were unknown to the public.

Ranta apparently finally tired of being patted on the head while being told to shut up and march. Narrative über alles. But it was the FOP/NRA connection that finally melted her AstroTurf.

Nothing prepared me, however, for the Facebook post I saw this past weekend detailing Everytown’s financial support of the FOP. A friend of mine was looking at FOP’s website when she noticed that Everytown was listed as a sponsor of their upcoming national conference in Nashville — right alongside the NRA, First Tactical, and Beretta — the company that made the handgun my estranged husband shot me with.

So they complained to Everytown central command.

When advocates and survivors learned about Everytown’s support of the FOP conference, many of us reached out immediately to their leadership and asked them to rescind their decision to sponsor a table at the event. At that point we were told that we were using “inflammatory language” and should wait for Everytown to issue a statement on the matter.

Surprise! Everytown backed down, pulling out of the FOP conference, ostensibly because “officer Betty Shelby, who shot and killed an unarmed black man” would be participating in a panel discussion. And how did her fellow anti-gunners repay Ranta for her her rant?

On Thursday, I resigned as an Everytown Survivor Fellow after being blocked by the Survivor Network Facebook page for voicing my concerns about the sponsorship. My conclusion is that dissenting voices have no place in these organizations. You toe the line or you’re out.

Moral of the story: don’t think for a minute that Moms Demand Action or their corporate parent, Everytown for Gun Safety are anything but bureaucratic top-down civilian disarmament advocacy operations.

Any actual “moms” or victims like Ranta are only tolerated as long as they dress in red t-shirts and show up for the cameras to make attractive news hit backgrounds when it’s convenient. Other than that, Mike and Shannon would rather they just STFU and go away.

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  1. I’ve said it a number of times. Take away kapo bloombergs and soro’s checkbook and gun control dies in this country. shannon’s just there for the check. True monsanto mommy she is.

      • Likely they’re worse. I have no doubt that they are funneling money into these anti American groups that are working to destroy the legally constituted system in the US.

    • I wonder what would happen if a couple gallons of roundup accidentally spilled on Shannon. Or if she slipped and fell into a deep puddle of it. Just wondering, Monsanto and all.

  2. Wow, that image with Watts and those folks in the background wouldn’t instill any sense of confidence!
    You wouldn’t catch me standing in front of a group that looks like the arrived on the short bus.

    Yes my comment may infringe ever so slightly into the realm of flaming. Sue me.

      • I figured out he shot her, you FLAME DELETED. My point was too bad it wasn’t in the mouth. FLAME DELETED. She wants to blame Beretta for her husband shooting her, I’m gonna put my money on he shot her cause she was a FLAME DELETED Emotional abuse is a thing too, and all to easily mastered by some women. None of us know why…and who really cares? The sad point is that shes still here to be a thorn in our collective sides.

        • Instead of putting FLAME DELETED why don’t you put what it really says…CENSORED. I guess the First amendment isn’t as cool as the second… FLAMED DELETED.

          PLEASE NOTE: The first amendment protects citizens from government infringement on the right to free speech. TTAG only censors comments that flame the website, its authors or fellow commentators. Or spews racist, sexist or other types of bile.

        • “PLEASE NOTE: The first amendment protects citizens from governmentinfringement on the right to free speech. TTAG only censors comments that flame the website, its authors or fellow commentators. Or spews racist, sexist or other types of bile.”
          So, parts of the bill of rights you don’t like end at your perverbial door? Sounds awfully progressive of you. A page taken from antifa playbook.
          You should change the name of this site to SNOWFLAKES AND FUDDS OPINIONS ON GUNS AND RELATED CLICKBAIT.

  3. This is the best part.

    “My conclusion is that dissenting voices have no place in these organizations. You toe the line or you’re out.”

    She must have been living under a tree on something. If you tweet, facebook message, etc. any of those anti gun groups with corrections to their lies (and do it nicely), they block you. For 4 plus years they’ve blocked anyone who doesn’t parrot their lies.

    Welcome to the party pal.

    • It sounds like she’s just one or two steps of logic away from joining our cause, or at least no longer directly opposing us. What needs to happen next is for her to sit down and actually speak to a few gun owners, real people who can demonstrate that people who are armed are not necessarily ogres.

      • I dunno. She pretty much blames Beretta for making her a domestic violence victim. There are some serious logic issues there.

        • Exactly. Does she blame her husband or take responsibility for her choice to stick around with an abusive spouse? Apparently not.

        • Aircooled: You nailed it right there. She is assigning blame incorrectly. She didn’t fault the ex who broke the law and caused her harm, she is blaming the tool over the action. For example; would she blame “Stanley” if the ex hit her in the head with a hammer? Does she blame Ford for her ex driving one to her house to commit the crime?

          She has an issue with MDA supporting the FOP? The same police, that may have also used Berettas, to arrest her ex husband. The woman sounds too frightened and surrounded with immature support group to make a rational equivalency.

        • “abusive spouse”? from her bio, until the guy snapped and shot her the central complaint was that he talked mean to her, or didn’t talk to her or didn’t listen to her, or buy her enough crap. Whatever “emotional abuse” is for these moronic Oprah broads. She states that the guy didn’t hit/hurt her. Feelings.

    • Exactly Dday. I’ve been banned not only from the MDA’s main FB page but also each state’s chapters (that I’ve never tried to comment on). For having the audacity to correct fallacies, half-truths or just plain misleading or false statements on their site. Mind you, I always tried to debate where I kept it respectful, without profanity or personal attacks. What did I get for my maturity? Ye’ old ban. Doesn’t break my heart but their page is filled with misinformation within their echo chamber.

  4. It would seem the anti-police members haven’t really thought things out. Who are they expecting to enforce all those laws they want passed?

    • I think they may believe that the “laws” will work the same way the “no guns” signs on the doors work. The criminals are supposed to see the signs and say, “Oh darn, I can’t go in there…”

  5. There have been any number of posts here–including by the owners of this site itself–about being banned on Mom’s web site for not towing the corporate line. It is about time some of those volunteers figured out that they have been living in a sterilized echo chamber where independent thought isn’t discouraged, instead it is banned. So what looks like public support in all the comments is actually managed propaganda.

  6. “For example, I was once coached to avoid authenticity in telling my personal story in order to “stay on message.””

    This is my not surprised face.

    They are in the proverbial desert until 2020.

    Let’s see to it it’s until 2024…

  7. Most black suspects are killed by a black policeman. And 99.9% of Black murders are committed by another black person.
    It seems this white woman has missed this, if she claims to care about a white cop killing black criminal suspect.

    • The Police are nobody’s friend. Make no mistake. Police are violating EVERYONE’S rights, planting evidence, beating and even murdering unarmed people of every color. The argument that it is, “a few bad apples”, is ridiculous. The ones who don’t directly participate in the despicable acts are complacent and often even accomplices as they try to cover for the cops doing the beatings and killings. The true crux of the matter is that one never sees the so called “good cops” busting the bad cops even though they are fully aware of who those bad cops are and have witnessed their transgressions. If police want to be respected and trusted again, they need to take down the cops tarnishing the badge and help prosecute them to the fullest extent but the opposite is currently true. It is a truly sad state of affairs.

  8. Stand up to the NRA? Yeah with that crowd including the guy with a patch over his eye, the NRA and its members are going to be losing sleep! I know I am.

    • If that is the case, the first part of that is absolutely unacceptable.

      The second part, I’m OK with people being against National Reciprocity because it validates the mentality of “you need a license to carry.” Screw that. Constitutional Carry everywhere or bust.

  9. Somebody should also remind that twat that the actions of her group were directly responsible for several armed robberies of restaurants and businesses that were bullied into banning legal licensed to carry customers from entering. And one of those restaurants had never been robbed because of their policy to allow licensed patrons to enter. She was used and abused. And her claim the NRA supports racially motivated killings of blacks really shows how damn dumb she is!

  10. I’m sorry this woman’s estranged ex shot her with a Berretta, but how is that Berretta’s fault? If he had stabbed her would she call for all knives to be banned? If he had ran her over should all cars be banned? She poorly chose a violent mate who would have been violent towards her regardless of the tool he chose. What she should do is empower herself by buying, learning to use, and carrying a gun so when the next violent man she chooses to date comes at her, she can adequately defend herself.

    • Never been on the other side of the “Iron Curtain”, err, Mississippi river, eh? Cops, especially in the NE, make the gun grabbers in SF look like amateurs – because they are. They’ve been happily and systemically restricting guns for much longer than the current crop of chuckle-heads in PDX, SEA, and SFO. Those coppers really believe they should be the only ones with guns – especially on the street.

  11. “I also saw that survivors who were in the national media got preferential treatment over survivors who were unknown to the public.”

    This should have been the first clue for Ms. Ranta MDA was a sham.

  12. Everytown is picking a fight with FOP??

    I love it when anti-gun groups waste their time fighting among themselves. What can we do to encourage more of this?

    (I’m not saying police are anti-gun, but the FOP is for sure)

  13. What a coincidence!!!!! Our brave hero of gun control just graduated from a program at a little outfit called ‘Emerge Virginia’ It prepares and grooms Democratic Women for entering politics. Go figure! Emerge Together boasts of ‘partnering with Hillary and Onward Together’. It seems that Kate has merely switched her wagon to a different horse.


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