Robert Blaisdell. Courtesy Manchester, NH PD.
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What happens when a “well-known” lobbyist for Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety gets arrested? Well, the mainstream media covers the story. With a pillow. Until it stops moving.

That’s what happened when Robert Blaisdell was arrested for a host of charges relating to a domestic violence incident police say happened at his residence.

The Concord Patch covered Blaisdell’s arrest with 377 words.

Law Enforcement Lobbyist Arrested On Assault, Other Charges

Manchester, NH — A partner in a well-known New Hampshire lobbying firm who represents two law enforcement organizations and a gun control group was arrested recently on multiple charges at his home in the Queen City. Robert Blaisdell, 44, of Union Street in Manchester, was arrested on May 2, 2019, and charged with domestic violence-simple assault, false imprisonment, and criminal mischief. According to court documents and scanner chatter, a large police presence was sent to a Union Street address at around 9 p.m. for an incident that had escalated from a domestic disturbance.

When they arrived and after conducting an investigation, police charged Blaisdell with three counts. They allege that he “knowingly” confined a family member “so as to substantially interfere with their ability to physically movement by holding the laundry room door closed over a period of several minutes” when the person tried to leave the room. Blaisdell is also accused of stepping on the person’s hand during the disturbance. Court documents also allege that he grabbed the victim’s cellphone and “using his hands in a twisting motion thus cracking the screen and rendering the phone useless, causing damages in excess of $100.”

Did this story make the wire services? Of course not.

Meanwhile, the New Hampshire Union Leader devoted all of 165 words to Blaisdell’s arrest, downplaying the violence reported by police with this:

“Mr. Blaisdell is innocent of the criminal charges,” said his lawyer, Richard Guerriero, who said he would only address the facts in court.

“Our hope is that the case can be resolved with a minimum of trauma and difficulty for the entire family,” he said.

Why, of course. Sounds like Mr. Blaisdell’s significant other might do well to acquire more than an order of protection.

As Oleg Volk’s famous artwork notes . . .

Oleg Volk image. Used with permission.

Why do gun control advocates find themselves arrested time and time and time again?  Including this one charged with murder?

Could their antipathy towards gun ownership possibly be rooted in deep psychological projection? Could it be possible that water is wet?

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  1. this could be an overzealous dad. he held them in the laundry room for “several minutes” and broke their phone. sounds like me battling my kids over too much screen time.

    • I don’t get that shit at all. As the parents, you are the ones buying these children all the screens. If you refuse to buy them, and make them get a job to work for it, at least they’ll learn something about working for a living.

      • screens are ubiquitous and i haven’t paid for a single one. they’re issued chromebooks at school and all of their assignments and classroom activities are on them.

        but yes, i get your general point. tamping down on the screens is a constant battle. battle against other parents, against the school, against our own (generous) family members.

      • I didn’t purchase my step-daughter a cell phone, but she turned up time and again with jail broke phones she got from Lord knows where. Sometimes the simple answer is not the answer.

    • This^,
      I like to see these people get in trouble, but this is pretty thin. Let’s hear all the facts first, I think I’ve heard that here many times. What I got from this is, he held someone in the laundry room for a couple of minutes and broke a cellphone. It sounds like the domestic violence part came from stepping on someones fingers. Sorry but this sounds like some pretty petty sh!t.

      • Red Flagging a guy for an incident like this is overreaching? Sounds roughly like a situation any one of us have been through with a child, teenager or other family member. Doesn’t make it right…or necessarily wrong, I don’t have a clue about the circumstances in this case.
        BUT, that is exactly the point. Guys like him Advocate to strip rights away from otherwise law abiding, presumed innocent Americans without any form of immediate due process. He should be subject to precisely the same treatment. ToP, removal of firearms (NH, I’m assuming there is a gun in the house) and everything else that goes along w a Red Flag Order.
        Oh, except crucifying him in the press like most of us would be, seems he gets an exemption on that one.

      • Or maybe a kid with a real problem dad. However it pans out, he should be subject to the same sanctions that he most likely supports and promotes. Let’s see how the process plays out. The results MAY be publicized.

    • How often do the police have to intervene when you are battling your kids over screen time? I would guess the answer is never.

      • All it takes is a pissed off kid to call the cops. Maybe something that has been building up and this was the last straw kind of thing.

      • maybe it’s a dad fighting his kid over drug use or drug using boyfriends. i could easily see a pissed off teenager calling the cops on a strict father.

        reminds me of the LEO about 5+ years ago that was charged with child endangerment for spraying pepper spray into his lazy ass step-son’s bedroom to motivate him to get to school.

        i’m not saying i condone this behavior.. but i understand where it’s coming from.

      • I raised my kids to take care of our problems in house, cops were for serious shit. This snowflake probably taught his kids to call the police for ANYTHING, no matter how trivial. So they did.

    • The story does not reveal the ages or relationships of the people he is being charged with treating in a criminal manner.

      However, he does have possession of an assault style face (that mugshot!), and should therefore be banned from owning firearms or practicing law or chewing toast into the shape of a pistol, like ever.

  2. In New Hampshire? That means he wasn’t arrested by a bunch of “right wingers” out to “get” him. Maybe these people get frustrated because they don’t have a good outlet like target shooting or hunting? And then they just explode!

  3. Is a frog’s ass water tight ? Does a hickory horse have a wooden dick ? Why yes & it’s name is Bloomberg. It must be nice to have so much money to hide behind.

  4. More projecting anti’s. It’s as if prohibition was championed by drunks who thought it only booze were outlawed they’d stop being drunks.

  5. The astute will notice that the lobbying firm in question represents two cop organizations and one gun control org.

    This is why people with gadsden flags on one side of their truck and thin blue line stickers on the other side are the most special kind of idiots we have. Exactly who do you think is doing, or going to be doing, the treading?

  6. If the truth was “ever” known, the people on that side of the issue seem to be some of the most abusive, violent people out there! Be it anti 2a, antifa, etc., they seem to have no problem resorting to violence up to and including firearm related violence. Who woulda thunk it?!

  7. It sounds like he is just a lobbying mercenary rather than a member of Everytown. This is not the same thing as if one of their leaders had done this. They can distance themselves from him pretty easily. The charges also look pretty thin right now too.

  8. The actions of this one “lobbyist” should in no way reflect badly upon Everyclown for Gun Safety. That organization is far worse than any single individual.

  9. He looks crazier than a shithouse rat.
    Remove his gun privileges for sure. Maybe Shannon can use his picture on a sign.

  10. My goodness, “They’ve” gone to far. So now holding a door shut is false imprisonment. The DV law when first implemented was a good thing. It’s been twisted to the point that now just sneezing on a family member will get Your Gunms Taken Away For Life. A misdemeanor, it ain’t right.Of all the gunm laws needing repealed that Cliton gunm grab needs to be gone.

    • There are nearly no facts in that story. We do not know the ages of the victims or their relationship. But if even one adult aged person was contained against their will, that is criminal. And parent or not there are circumstances where holding an underage person against their will is a crime.

      For example, was it the mother and two children trapped behind the door? Who’s hand was stepped on? Was the phone taken to prevent a 911 call being made?

      We have no answers, only questions.

      • My post was more about the domestic violence law and how a misdemeanor will get ones fire gunms taken for life.It ain’t rightt.

      • Careful with the assumptions. If it was his wife he was holding in the laundry room, before we hang him we should discover whether she was trying to stab him at the time.

  11. That guy is the absolute opposite of the image you would think Bloomberg and his associates would want as the face of their anti-gun poster boy… he looks more like a shooter for the mob than a lobbyist for gun control…

  12. Not a whole lot to glean from this “report” except “law enforcement” group. Go and sin no more?!?

  13. “A gun control group”

    Which one was it, Mr. Reporter? Lemme guess, the usual practice is to refer to the NRA as “a gun rights group” as well?

  14. I’ve seen plenty of DV cases. This does not strike me as the sort that screams out for publicity. Based on what was reported, it could easily be a case where someone gets arrested because the cops want to make sure nothing more happens, rather than primarily for what already happened.

    No, you shouldn’t throw someone’s phone. No, you shouldn’t hold a door closed. And I guess you shouldn’t accidentally step on someone’s hand (something to do with the phone, maybe?). But what has been reported here isn’t exactly a violent assault. Could there be more? Maybe. But I don’t want to condemn someone- even a shill like this- based off maybe.

  15. “Everytown for Gun Safety Lobbyist Arrested For Assault, Domestic Violence, False Imprisonment”

    We all know that the left are violent, seen it time and time again…
    And this is a PERFECT reason to carry…

  16. Welcome to NH, this is how business is done, criminals get the soft touch and put back on the street in short order to batter and steal again, while the victims don’t even get a heads-up the bad guys were let out….
    Live free or Die is a BS slogan for this state. Manchester and Salem, New Boston cops are dirty as hell, look at all the stories of corruption etc. They encrypt their radios so no public oversight, they act with impunity and the law-abiding take it up the butt.

    • Most of SoNH’s problems can be traced back to POS Massholes crossing the border… Build the Wall!

  17. Probably a case of the “passive aggressive” lefty.
    He has taken so much crap from his ungrateful kids that a spark of fatherhood ignited and he snapped and all his left wing karma came back to get him.
    Idk how people can break those screens so easy, years ago my son convinced his buddies mother to buy an extra one for him, as I had them turn them in at supper and get it back in the morning for school. Being a lite sleeper, I caught him with it in the middle of the night, had him bring it out in the kitchen, put it on the counter and I pulled a good hammer out of junk drawer and slammed it, then it fell on the floor. Figured that was it, right? Nope, wasn’t even cracked and still working! Ok, now set it on the marble cutting board / hot pan rest and slam, that one worked a lot better than on a particle board counter top, lol.
    I said, here, give it back to them tomorrow on the bus. lol They stopped buying him phones.
    People will mess with your own family, strangers and as noted, the chrome books from school, etc, this that and the other. Idk what the hell their doing on there, but I know they get moody and stop playing outside. Glad those years are gone!
    I feel for you fellas with young kids still in the house.
    It’s mf’n war on the home!

  18. The law should put this on press just as they do all others. News papers, t.v.,his face and acts should be world wide.

  19. I am always glad to see someone who perverts the Constitution or denies my rights get into difficulties.

    Schadenfreude is delicious …

  20. Just following the examples set by Bloombergs gallery of Mayors Against Guns and anti-2A crusaders back through Little Feagan and Ratsy Rostenkoski through Thomas Dodd Sr and many felons in between.

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