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(courtesy Everytown for Gun Safety Facebook page)

“Everytown for Gun Safety, a group bankrolled by a former New York mayor, poured $2 million into TV ads last fall in a failed bid to help McAuliffe’s party take back the state Senate,” reports. “On Wednesday, Everytown launched a social media campaign against McAuliffe, who last week stunned gun-safety advocates by announcing that he had struck a gun deal with Republican legislators and the National Rifle Association. It shows side-by-side photos of McAuliffe and the National Rifle Association’s Wayne LaPierre.” Here’s the accompanying text . . .

Last week, the Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe announced his support for a bill—backed by the NRA—that would allow people from states with virtually non-existent gun safety standards to freely carry hidden, loaded guns in Virginia.

This is the same Gov. McAuliffe who claimed he would “do whatever it takes” to end gun violence.

With this bill, he joins the likes of Wayne LaPierre as a voice for the gun lobby—not for the safety of Virginians and ending gun violence.

That post was dated February 1. Since then, Everytown has published two more anti-McAuliffe posts, including a postcard campaign to whack him in the proverbial pee-pee. You go, girls.

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  1. Its called reciprocity. Moms whine for what they want and dumberg need to keep crazy in their own land of stupid NYC and the like. NYC is passing a bill making it legal to urinate in public, and DC is passing a bill to pay criminals not to shoot people. Paying ransom before the crime is even worse than paying a ransom. Libtards are as dumb a a bag of ice.

    • It’s called Extortion and it’s in the Koran. Read up on it. You pay or we do “stuff” our USG pays on a regular basis, other “country’s” get cash to play nice. When the $$$ stops so does the playing nice. Everytime I see North Korea up to nonsense, I wonder now what do they want? They usually get it.

      • “Everytime I see North Korea up to nonsense, I wonder now what do they want? They usually get it.”

        Usually ship holds full of U.S.-grown grain…

      • Now, now, let’s not be hasty.

        There are countless libs who paid good money to schools and banking institutions (student loans) to obtain worthless liberal arts, gender studies, sociology, etc. degrees and who will only be able to the pay the interest on their loans because the degree itself holds no real market value…

        Those people are very useful the schools and banks.

        • The problem is, they usually end up in useless ‘Civil Serpent’ positions paid for by tax dollars earned by the ever-shrinking numbers of those who actually have real jobs…

  2. Bloomberg buys the guy into office.

    Guy does Bloomberg’s bidding.

    The people punch back hard.

    The guy does the people’s bidding.

    Bloomberg sics his female attack dogs on him as retribution.

        • Probably not all that real since it’s not veto proof.

          I had to check on that cause here in WV, any majority (even just 51%) is considered veto proof, so long as there is time left in session to override. Without such a condition in VA, McCauliffe could veto the bill and be safe so long as no dems vote to override.

        • It had nothing to do with being veto proof and it was only for government buildings. They could instruct the sergeant of arms to detain any of his security detail if they came into any buildings used by the legislature without needing a vote.

        • Read VA HB 1338; I’m not strong in Legalese but it appears to prohibit VA LEOs on Governor security detail from carrying firearms in most other states. Still an active bill.

    • Ted Cruz put McAuliffe in office with his shutdown antics not Bloomberg’s cash.

      I also have a suspicion that McAuliffe supports gun control because it was expedient to do so. I don’t think it is high in his to do list. I was in my LGS when he walked in to buy a shotgun. Sure it was a Fudd gun but I got the impression that he likes shooting sports.

      • Could be, but plenty of stone gun-grabbers like socially-acceptable “shooting sports” like trap and skeet. And plenty more are solidly in the “guns for me but not for thee” camp.

        • I ammot arguing that McAuliffe is part of armed intelligensia; only that gun control is not a high priority with him. He also know that Virginia is one of the most pro gun states in the union and that if he wants to get anything done in the two years he has to abandon gun control.

        • Fair enough, I kind of believe Chris Christie falls into the same camp from the other direction. Guess I was mostly responding to the “he bought a gun” bit, to me that means absolutely zilch, zero, nada, nothing vis a vis someone’s stance on gun-grabbing. Hell, Mark Kelley went out and bought himself an AR15–and he damn sure meant to keep it too, until it caused too much of a media storm.

      • Cash is king. Nobody cared about a first term senator half a continent away who didn’t even have the support of his own party’s leadership and couldn’t make anything happen. Don’t be silly.

      • Among the people who both cared about the shutdown and would ever vote for anything other than democrat, it was recognized for the political theater it was. It was the state Establishment GOP that screwed the Republican candidate-a strong supporter of the 2nd amdt because he wasn’t part of the old boys network. They were still pissed off about Eric Cantor

        • You are very naive if you think Ted Cruz shutdown the government to stop ACA. He came to DC with a plan and plan was to run for President in 2016. An essential part of that plan was exploit the fact that the leadership was going to have cave in to the White House at virtually every turn. He would use this to stir up voter anger against the leadership and turn it to his own advantage. He was counting on the gullibility of Republican low information voters. He made one mistake. He didn’t anticipate Donald Trump.

          The government shutdown shut down the Virginia Governor’s when Ken Cucinelli was leading. The shutdown angered a lot of people who took it out on Cucinnelli. He still almost pulled if off despite Cruz’s best efforts to screw him.

          Cruz is the most hated in the Senate because he is not trustworthy. He has no future there and if fails to get the nomination or win the Presidency he will resign.

  3. I’ll just use one of their arguments.
    My drivers license is good there.( Hurling down the road in a 4,000 lb death machine.)
    Why not my carry permit?

    • Good grief. Do NOT do that.

      “We don’t trust people from out of state with guns. Why should we trust those yahoos with a two ton projectile?”

      Watch driver’s license reciprocity go down the toilet, once the enviros really decide to go after cars.

  4. I just love it when their schemes blow up in their face and Bloomie doesn’t get what he paid for.

    I’m still smiling about the Maryland ruling yesterday also.

    • The Maryland ruling is a big win, but just a stepping stone in reality. It was bitter sweet in that while they decreed that strict scrutiny must be applied, they also said carve outs for retired LEOs isn’t a violation of the equal protection clause. The court essentially said retired LEOs are better than regular citizens.

      What we should do is go after CA or NY for their lack of reciprocity under the grounds of the ft marriage ruling, which essentially said that other states must honor a marriage license legally issued in another state. Why would the same not apply to CCW license?

  5. The people’s will be dammed. Elected officials are supposed to represent the people’s interests.
    What Everytown should say is “we are against the citizens of Maryland”.

  6. The best part is that the other side of the deal has to do with making it harder/illegal for domestic abusers to acquire/own guns.

    So now we can claim that Everytown and MDA support arming domestic abusers – and it is factually correct.

  7. This is rich.

    The situation overall is still a net loss for gun rights, because the state is more restrictive than it was; the reciprocity restoration was “paid for,” not simply walked back to where it was before. See the articles on TTAG for details.

    But I suppose it wasn’t a net loss enough for BB.

    • I disagree. See 18 USC 922(g)(8). It is already unlawful under federal law for a person subject to a protective order to possess a firearm. So Virginia prohibiting such a person from possessing a firearm or having a ccw permit is not really a loss of anything. So in terms of actual effect of laws there will be a net gain (better reciprocity).

  8. “Last week, the Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe announced his support for a bill—backed by the NRA—that would allow people from states with virtually non-existent gun safety standards to freely carry hidden, loaded guns in Virginia.”

    You can almost hear the collective pearl clutching after this sentence.

    Side note: The comments on Everytown’s Derpbook page are priceless. Everything from claiming he was “bought” by the NRA to openly calling for gun violence to be bestowed upon the Governor. They sure are a clueless and violent bunch.

  9. Obfuscation and deflection, McCauliffe got everything that he and everytown wanted, this is a ruse to make you think you didn’t give more back, and that Republicans weren’t in on it.

    • You’re mistaken. Read the analysis. The Dems got nothing they didn’t already have and AG Herring got thrown under the bus.

  10. I’m not entirely sure what the hell they’re intending to do aside from strike him for a purely ideological high horse?

    Carpetbagger slime politician he may be, but he’s obviously skilled at it. He took VA’s vote with a Democrat president in office (which breaks tradition, even with the Blue northern part of the state closest to DC and filled with other-state-expats), and had strong party support. Due to his previous actions as the party money man, he even was able to wrangle the Clintons to wiggle around at his rallies.

    What the hell does Everyidiot for Gun Danger think they’re doing, hitting a party favorite (and vital for Democrat positioning for the next election)?

  11. You were looking for autosarcophagizes, they’re not eating their young. They’re eating themselves alive. Progressive-ism, the ouroboros of the modern age and that’s what keeps it in check. Every once in a while the repercussions are just too obvious for even a progressive to ignore.

  12. In Judge Kings’ dissent opinion we find the following:

    “Similar to the district court — and unlike the panel majority — I am far from convinced that the Second Amendment reaches the AR-15 and other assault weapons prohibited under Maryland law, given their military-style features, particular dangerousness, and questionable utility for self-defense.”

    And herein lies the rub. The entire contemporary discussion about the 2nd Amendment is being framed by the terminology and logic of the anti-gun community. Here Judge King rationalizes, through the deeply flawed Heller decision, that only self-defense weapons are protected by the 2nd Amendment. The prefatory clause in the 2nd Amendment does have meaning. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,…” Here our founding fathers explain the object of the Amendment; free State. So the Amendment wasn’t written to protect the right of defense of self, rather defense of State as a whole. Certainly they understood the necessity to own certain firearms to put food on the table and stave off criminals. Yet, the objects most necessary to defense of State must be those in common use by enemies of the State. Certainly there are such weapons, that by their nature, can be considered inherently dangerous. Plutonium and chemical weapons can, by themselves, cause great harm and therefor would and should be restricted under strict scrutiny and compelling governmental interest. However, firearms and most other common military weapons pose no risk to others in and of themselves. Parking a M1A1 or F-15 fully armed in your driveway presents no risk to others by themselves, all the way up to the point they are used to cause harm to another. The willingness of the courts to assign irrational characteristics to these inanimate objects come straight from the propaganda forwarded by the left. Malus prohibitum laws should never pass strict scrutiny without objective, quantifiable, and clear scientific evidence supporting the governmental interest.

  13. FYI, Virginia is one of those virtually anybody can get a permit states that MDA is so worried about.

    • And what is wrong with that? Other than having to “ask permission” to exercise a right. Shouldn’t it be easy for almost anyone to get one?

      • Do I have spell things out for you. MDA is moaning about states with “weak gun laws” to a state that is nearly Constitutional carry. .

      • The point is that there really aren’t many states with lower requirements than Virginia (on line class, shall issue, no proficiency test or firearms training), and that the dumping of reciprocity included states with stiffer requirements, to say nothing of the fact that anyone can legally open carry in Virginia, ccw or not, making it nothing but a political ploy in the first place. , i.e., a bargaining chip.

      • I think his point is the claim in the MDA post that other states’ gun safety standards are virtually non-existent and will allow non-residents to carry–endangering other VA residents–is ridiculous. The fact that it is relatively easy to get a concealed carry permit is desirable. The state is not constitutional carry, but otherwise very pro-gun (especially given the proximity to DC).

  14. What happened was Bloombag spent several million dollars of pocket change to try to flip a few seats to the dems.
    They ran ads and they beat drums and in the end, they got NOTHING, notta. Everything remained the same.
    Even that dou– b– Andy Parker was there trying to do his part in the failed effort to gain the ability to gain gun control.

    You see, the gun grabbers don’t want to hear hard facts like concealed weapon carriers with permits are even less likely to commit crimes than even police officers.

    I like to put it another way and simply say to the gun grabbers like Bloombag and the mother hens, “you lost, shut up about it and get lost”

  15. Anti-Rights McAulliffe was A) feeling very emboldened with the promises of support from the likes of Bloomberg and B) Still owes the Clinton clan for most of his political career so he thought he’d come out swinging on an anti-rights campaign.

    Unfortunately this particular beltway-bandit somehow forgot that gun owners aren’t the type to stand down from a fight ESPECIALLY when you bring it on OUTSIDE of the DC/NoVA (Northern Virginia) environment.


    Now he’s taking in the neck and the a**. Ye reap what ye sow.

  16. They want us to ‘compromise’ and ‘meet them half way’ but when one of them gives an inch of ground from their side, it’s unforgiveable.

    This is the true face of what we’re up against. Give nothing, because they won’t.

  17. Here is a link to the background how the VA AG actions started. Claiming the VASP started the ball rolling when it fact it was out of the Commonwealth bloomyburg group started it. Spoiler alert, there was a shady republican senior leader in the VA Senate, with his hand in the sneak attack too. Senator Walter Stosch Added a rider which killed a bill to prevent the VA AG attack.

    FOIA request responses frames the timeline and players involved.

    Part 1

    Part 2

  18. “This is the same Gov. McAuliffe who claimed he would “do whatever it takes” to end gun violence.”

    I will do whatever is necessary to end gun violence. I will draw my armament and stop the violence against me or fellow law abiding citizens. Which is more than Gov. McAuliffe can do.

  19. All CCW permits have the precious back ground check they want. Most have class training and some have fire tesfs. And these states were going to lose reciprocity. Legislators need to make these laws tighter and not give the AG so much power. They do it when their man is the AG or governor but eventually someone comes along that up ends it. It happened in PA and DE too.


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