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“I get excited whenever I see a MrColionNoir video,” admits, without specifying his physiological reactions, “but it’s quite predictable what the message is going to be now since he’s signed on with the NRA. Yea NRA we get it… guns aren’t bad and neither are gun owners. Are we THAT insecure as gun owners that we have to keep addressing an audience which isn’t even listening? Sure there might be the occasional case of a convert who used to hate guns but now loves them, because someone he/she knew showed them some of these factual videos. Most of the time though these types of videos . . .

are just preaching to the choir I’d assume.”

Assume away. Colion’s NRA videos are clever, witty, erudite, profound, well-produced, immaculately edited and increasingly turgid. Bottom line: “BRING MRCOLIONNOIR’S SIGNATURE FUNNY VIDS BACK.” All caps and bold? ENDO is serious! And it’s true: Colion needs to lighten up and broaden out.

As Elliot Fineman of the Gun Victims Action Council reminds us, it’s the guns stupid. If we can make guns fun – yes fun! – for the fence straddlers we will do more for gun rights than constantly motivating the base. This from the number one firearms-related website that motivates the base. Go figure.

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        • That 5% get raped also, they’ve just been brainwashed into thinking they wanted it and its there fault for wearing those red heels.

        • I’m always amazed when some republican legislator starts saying something stupid about rape for no benefit… I guess you guys are their constituents.

  1. Hey, I’d buy used car from Colion. Wayne Lapierre not so much. And I’m am OFWG.

    • One thing I just didn’t like about Romney, he just looked like a greasy used car salesman. He looked like he was trying to look slick. It was the hair. I got the feeling he’d screw us out of our gun rights faster than Obama.

      • And in the process he’d sell it as compromise or as necessity, the same as Reagan or Bush 1.

        • Exactly. If Romney had been president we’d definitely have the “expanded back round checks” bullshit now maybe even registration and an AWB. And it would’ve had democrat and Republican backing. That’s what’s scary, and what people don’t realize, is how dangerous RINO’s are. If fatassed Christie takes the throne you betcha we’re gonna have to continue to fight for our gun rights, he’s just as bad as Hitlery.

        • Absolutely true. There’s no question, however, that a lot of Americans would support Romneycare over Obamacare. That makes my stomach hurt.

      • It’s a good thing that the majority of this country would never vote for anyone based on just how he looks…. oh wait…….

  2. +1 on making guns fun.

    And don’t forget, while it takes a lifetime to be expertly proficient with a gun it only takes a few MINUTES to learn to be safe.

    • I remember when guns were fun. Back before I learned how people I thought were decent and rational could turn hateful when exposed to ideas that didn’t mesh with their worldview and sought to mold reality to their liking no matter how many lives ended up caught between the gears. Now I worry more about gun politics than I actually enjoy the bangy shoot-shoots.

      Eh, such is life.

  3. “I get excited whenever I see a MrColionNoir video,”

    I tell ya RF you could be making beaucoup bucks by selling Colion beefcake pix to your fellow Colionistas.

  4. Mike (that’s the name of the guy behind ENDO) is not wrong. Colion Noir’s vids from before he joined the NRA were virtually all the kind of thing you could show a fence-sitter you knew to help sway them in the right direction. Though some of his videos are still like that, the majority seem to have shifted to the kind of thing that just gets the believers nodding along. I’d like to see a shift back in the other direction, too.

    • Agreed, but we have to remember that getting the believers to “nod along” is also supposed to get them to reach in their wallets.

    • I agree with this (needs to make videos for the fence sitters) but also make videos for the base. No reason he cannot do both.

  5. This from the number one firearms-related website that motivates the base. Go figure.
    They’re motivating the base to go motivate the fence sitters.

  6. Or they are setting up professional vids to challenge the professional victims who want to remove our rights. Makes it hard for them (the “victims”) to throw out labels when Colion is not an OFWG (not that there is anything wrong with being old, fat, white or male).

    I think what would be better is if the NRA let Colion loose on MDA. Then Shannon could claim that Black men (as opposed to just a singular man, me) were after her. 🙂

    • Don’t forget that Colion would have a bigger impact…mainly because he isn’t a creepy guy posting dirty/funny comments online (no offense intended, we all love you. You are our creepy/funny guy).

      Seriously, he has a bigger audience than you.

    • Laugh!

      Good idea, Dirk, having Colion spar with Watts. It would be a slaughter, but also get Shannon way too much attention.

    • “(not that there is anything wrong with being old, fat, white or male).”

      As roughly a 80%er, I thank you!

  7. I agree that Colion’s old videos were fun, but his NRA videos fill a large void. The mass media has 3 or 4 stories a day about how America is crazy and slavery is common sense. Even more now that Bloomberg has injected millions of his “grassroots” dollars into it. To battle the mass media, we need some media of our own. I use Colion’s videos, and other similar videos, to help change the minds of some of the anti-gun people I’m forced to encounter. They really help motivate people who otherwise wouldn’t care. I got my brother to buy an NRA membership, and I’m sure the slew of Colion’s videos, and others like them, that I spam his inbox with played a role in that. I think Colion’s videos are great expenditure of my membership funds. I understand that the information he puts out is old news to you, but be proactive and send it to someone for whom it won’t be.

  8. I like these vids. So does he. Thought that was the point?

    Not sure why people whine about liking something, haha.

  9. Its real simple, if they don’t dig CN’s vids, stop watching them. And stop whining like a bitch Everydaynodaysoff.

    • Whoa, not cool. ENDO is our funny blog, we can’t harms it.

      In seriousness he is kinda right. It isn’t hard to make videos that preach to the choir, we need stuff for the fence sitters. That is why I like his videos, aren’t preachy. Don’t insult the fence-sitter.

  10. The newest vid, “fear mongering” is pretty light. Some classic Colin moments in there.

  11. I think Endo Mike needs to stick to selling his T-shirts and leave the serious stuff to the grown ups. Colion is doing good work. Endo is nothing but a long whine-fest most of the time, in my opinion

  12. Vids are fine. I’m mostly tired of seeing those stupid wide brimmed hats.

    …and for the record I’m a young fit white guy.

    • They keep the sun off. I don’t wear ’em, but the wisdom of ’em is clear.

  13. I quit watching his videos a year ago when they became monotonous and repetitive. I liked his message early on but it’s almost as if he’s allowed himself to peak since becoming a spokesperson for the NRA. Turn off brain, insert sound byte, play on loop.

  14. I’d like to see more gun/gear reviews by him. I dont know how to describe them, but his latest reviews are just…cool.

  15. “Elliot Fineman of the Gun Victims Action Council”
    Elliot Fineman of the Victim Recruitment Council

  16. “If we can make guns fun – yes fun! – for the fence straddlers we will do more for gun rights than constantly motivating the base.” – More videos like those from Kirsten Joy Weiss and other women who demonstrate that guns can and are used for recreational purposes (other than hunting). Both Kirsten and FateofDestinee have done more to convince my wife that guns are not scary than anything else.

    • Kevin,

      It is time to pull out all the stops with your wife. Have her watch 13 year old Katlyn Francis in a 3 gun competition in this video:

      If this doesn’t put your wife over the edge (instilling both confidence and fun), I don’t know what will!

    • “Other than slaughtering innocent animals and children”, you mean. LOOK AT THIS BABY!

  17. Preaching to the choir keeps the collection plate full, which funds spreading the gospel and mission work. Is that a strained enough analogy for you? Fence sitters will not turn to the NRA until after they jump the fence to gun rights. He had a position to bring gun rights fence sitters in once, but that is gone. His role now, I thought, was to appeal to younger gun owners, those that already understand guns and gun rights but might view the NRA as 5 million WLPs. He’s bringing in people on the fence about the NRA not on the fence about guns.

  18. I guess I’m in the minority. I don’t care. And I like black people. If CN doesn’t reach hip young black folks what difference does it make? From OFWG with a black wife.

  19. What works better?

    A) becoming a preacher and walking the street trying to convert unbelievers.


    B) arming a congregation with knowledge and skill to go out in the world and convert unbelievers.

    Preaching to the choir is pointless, but preaching to the congregation…well, I think you get the point.

  20. I miss the old colion. The NRA sucked all the creativity out of him. I think he was for effective as a youtuber than as an NRA mouthpiece.

  21. While Colion may be preaching to the choir, the choir is getting bigger all the time. Sure, Colion should have his own show on BET. I’m sure that will happen someday soon. Maybe just before the Sun goes supernova.

    And isn’t it interesting that the same people who were complaining about Wayne are now complaining about Colion? I guess that some people just love to complain.

    • By the time the Sun goes supernova, most decent people will have left for greener pastures MILLIONS of years before.

  22. I just get tired of POTG bitching and moaning about what other POTG are doing, or aren’t. TTAG obsesses. NRA sensationalizes. SAF compromises. GOA won’t compromise. Colion preaches to the choir. OC’ers alienate fencesitters. Who the hell cares?

    If a fraction of gun owners put forth a fraction of the energy toward advancing firearms freedoms through their own efforts, as they do in cantankerous criticism of others’ activities, I’m thinking we would have long ago won this war once and for all.

  23. I’m looking forward to his new show, NOIR. Sure, maybe he has less “fun” videos, but I’m just glad he’s still making videos at all.

  24. I used to be anti-gun for decades and now am very pro gun and I own 5, including an AR-15 and CX4 which are banned in countless jurisdictions and only 4 of my 36 magazines are legal to buy, too in many places. I also applied for conceal carry permits in two states. I joined my local range membership and the NRA. Went from nothing to all this in a year. Minds can be changed…

  25. I thought when you said “preaching to the choir” that you were referring to the fact that all of Colion’s videos lately have been posted on an NRA website. The people visiting that website are already converted (in the choir). Colion is a very compelling speaker, and we need to start using him to convert the non-believers.

    Colion Noir has started a new show, called Noir, that will be on one of the cable channels soon. I forget which one, but it is a guns-friendly channel. This is a step in the right direction, but we need to go much farther.

    When will the NRA start using 30 second commercials on TV, with people like Colion as the speaker? That would be effective! Never forget that we are not in this war (gun rights vs control) just to defeat the enemy; We also need to win the hearts and minds of the people. The people are the enemy’s greatest allies or threat.

  26. Boring. Sometimes he comes off as condescending. I personally loved his old vids so much more. Gun and gear reviews. I find myself having a hard time bearing these new vids. Looks like he just wants to get paid…
    Tell us something we don’t know !!

  27. Noir is boring, predictable but witty. Being 95% of his videos are 2 minutes or less and much of that is either slo-mo shooting or the intro/outro, other than the high quality production his videos are not something I watch anymore because there isn’t much if anything worthy in them. At least his early ones had substance and ran longer than a commercial break. He has zero military or law enforcement experience, he holds no shooting records or any shooting skills beyond average, he is not a gunsmith or inventor, he seems to be a regular Joe which is great but there than must be something extra from him and I have yet to see that. He’s like a celebrity that really hasn’t done anything to deserve or warrant the status. I kind of wanna ask, who’s **** did he suck? Or is it the black republican thing where they push up a candidate solely because he is black and supports their cause? I just don’t get why Noir? I only ended up watching his early yt videos because his videos popped up at the side after watching Hickok45 and others, I gave him a try and it was ok but that was then this is now. Whenever I see a new Noir vid I pass right on by it because I know the majority of the video will tell me nothing new, a lot of slo-mo, condescending narration and targets that are never seen. Can he even shoot?

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