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1RidgeRunner7’s everydaycarry.com pocket dump features a GLOCK upgraded with a Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight. InForce APL Pistol Mounted Light. Grip stippling. A bronze slide. I bet it’s got a new trigger, too. But hang on a second . . .

isn’t upgrading a GLOCK like tuning a Japanese economy car? Why not just start with a, gulp, better gun? A pistol with more style than a standard issue GLOCK (a low bar if ever there was one). A handgun with an ergonomic handle and a terrific trigger. Then add your red dot and snout-mounted light.

If you carry a GLOCK, what mods have you made to your EDC Tupperware? If you don’t, what gun do you carry and what mods have you made (if any)?

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  1. Message redacted because of OPSEC concerns.

    (*Smirks, puts down the remote, and rolls to the frig to get another yogurt*)

  2. I’m not a Glock fan, but upgrading it makes sense. Many people start out with a Glock, and buying new mag pouches and holsters plus the price of a new gun isn’t worth it.

    Also, what if Glock owners liked their Glocks? Like, maybe not the bad parts of it (i.e., trigger or sights), but what if they like how it shoots or points? Or its weight and reputation?

  3. I was not much of a believer in mounted pistol lights, but they have become so small that I am a convert now. I have that same APL light on my 19, and a small Streamlight with laser and light combo on my 43 and 26. The lights have become so small, and there are enough Kydex and other holsters that are available for them, it just makes sense to have it.

  4. I just got my straight out of the box Colt Ossifers. Other then a nice 3.5# trigger and some grips. It’s as stock as the day it was born in 1986.

  5. Talon Grips, take down lever, trijicon sights, Surefire light, extended magazine.

  6. A partial list of the PROFESSIONALS that carry Glocks [from Wikipedia]. Full list would crash your server. Note Marine Recon and the FBI are among the Glock ‘fanboys”. What do these Armed professionals know that a SFFECJB internet pistolero keyboard commando doesn’t?

    United States Alabama Law Enforcement Agency[citation needed] 22, 23
    Alaska State Troopers[185] 20, 22
    Atlanta Police Department[186][non-primary source needed] 22
    Anchorage Police Department[187] 21
    Baltimore City Police Department[188] 22
    Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives[189] 22, 27
    California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation[citation needed] 22, 35
    District of Columbia Protective Services Police Department[citation needed] 17, 19, 26
    Drug Enforcement Administration[190] 19, 22, 23, 27
    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Criminal Investigation Division[citation needed] 19, 26
    Federal Bureau of Investigation[191] 17, 19, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27
    Florida Highway Patrol[192] 37
    Fort Worth Police Department[citation needed] 17
    Greenville County Sheriff’s Office[citation needed] 21
    Homeland Security Investigations[193] 17, 19, 26
    Honolulu Police Department[citation needed] 17
    Houston Police Department[citation needed] “19”, “17”, 21, 22, 23, 30, “43”
    Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigation[194] 22, 23
    Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office[195] 17
    Kentucky State Police SRT[196] 35, 27
    Leon County Sheriffs Office, Florida[197] 21SF
    Los Angeles Police Department[198] 17, 22
    Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command[199] 19
    Michigan State Police[200] 17, 26
    United States Navy SEALs[201] 19
    New York City Police Department[202] 19, 17, 26(off-duty)
    New York State Police[187] 37, 39
    Pennsylvania Board of Probation & Parole[187] 21, 30
    Pennsylvania Game Commission[187] 31
    Rio Rancho Police Department New Mexico[citation needed] 21
    South Carolina Highway Patrol[citation needed] 17M
    United States Marshals Service[203] 17, 19, 22, 23
    University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign Police Department[citation needed] 22
    Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections[204] 19
    U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services System[citation needed] 22, 23
    Utah Highway Patrol[citation needed] 17, 22
    Virginia Beach Police Department[205] 17
    Winchester Police Department, Kentucky[citation needed] 22
    Springfield Police Department, Illinois[citation needed] 19, 33

    • Cool. But just because “PROFESSIONALS” use a piece of gear doesn’t mean I have to or should want to. There’s many departments that carry M&Ps or Sigs. I saw a cop the other day with what looked like a 9mm 1911.

      Unless the Glock’s an end-all pistol for everyone, that list doesn’t really matter that much.

    • United States Attorney’s Office, Special Agents also carry Glock pistols, 43, 26, 23, 21, 22.

    • “Professional” acquisition of gear doesn’t mean “smart.” Police departments take into account total costs, ability of armorers to service guns (I heard you can become a Glock armorer during lunch or by mail), and are handicapped by fear, intellectual sloth, and ignorance.

  7. Slap on a light and decent sights, maybe a talon-type grip thing. Doesn’t need anything else. Maybe they used to suck, but having only shot Gen 4 the trigger is great out of the box.

  8. A S&W Model 10, gutter sights, heavy barrel, +P loads. All this other stuff is just junk in the trunk. Gutter sights so if they get banged around off a scull or two they still work. Heavy barrel, same thing. Accurate as hell and won’t double feed or jam. If you get hair, blood, or skin in the cylinder just pull the hammer back some and give it a spin. Reload with a Model 36.

  9. I had a G19. I bought a fancy barrel, trigger, bunch of springs, Vickers branded stuff. Once I put it all together I put it right back in the safe and carried my P220 like a grown man.

  10. Bone stock Glock.

    Then you dont care if you lose it.

    There is another perzactly like it waiting at the gun store.

  11. Straight 43 without the extension on the mag in a Galco elastic bellyband. Wear it everywhere and all summer at the lake in a t-shirt and swim trunks. I’m not a big guy in stature or weight. Cops shooting with me at the range couple of summers back didn’t even know I had it on until one of them was wanting to try a 43 some time so I pulled mine from under my shirt and offered it to him. Shocked the hell out of them. Once one learns to use the trigger, including allowing it only to reset rather than let it move all the way forward it’s easy to control. I love 1911’s, even carried an original Detonics for a while but way too heavy. I don’t even notice the 43.

  12. Glock 23 EDC… not a mod on it. Hate to mod it and have to use it and possibly never see it again. Was always told to never carry a gun you like… if it gets confiscated you might miss it. So I dont want to put anything fancy or expensive on my EDC… Just time and ammo.

  13. I made the mistake of Glock 19. It fits my hand like it’s a stranger with candy. Convinced I’m going to make it work, I got a Grip Force beavertail for it recently (mine is a gen 2, last of the Panzer strength pistols) and it’s amazing and sad what a piece of plastic can do. Next is the Magpul Magwell and I’ll go from there. Oh ETS mags may be the best thing to ever happen to the platform. I don’t understand why Magpul can’t figure out the Glock mag. Maybe they are too busy at fashion week.

  14. Wow, your Sig/Wilson fanboy side is showing again. How about you leave Glock owners alone? For the record, the ONLY upgrade I’ve ever done is get rid of the crappy U-notch sights in favor of night sights. Now Glock is offering that option (finally)

  15. ‘Notaglock’ 19 – (Call it ‘Kevin’) Made it. Shot it. Shot it more. Still shooting it. Check back in a few years 😉

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