Tennesean Nikki Stieglitz loves her GLOCK 19. “My EDC is an extension of me, and I don’t go anywhere without it!” Get the details on the rest of her gearĀ here.


  1. How come thus far, I have yet to see anyone carrying any rubbers. Got to be prepared and all! Surely when someone does an everyday carry pocket dump they pull their gat, extra mag, knife, flashlight, keys, wallet…..AND CONDOMS! I guess 6 out of 7 ain’t bad.

  2. I should carry a Ferrari key, a pocket size Coppertone, and a 1911. Nothing else is needed in life. I’m going to call my dad and point out this as another way he failed at raising me.

    • Oh gawd, I hear that everytime my youngest son fcks up. He’s a real ball buster with that one. It aint us dads, its just you kidd dont listen. I can gaurantee we told you eveything yuod need to kno about anything, yah just didnt listen


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