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Jordan Burk’s pocket dump features a Cloak Tuck 3.0 Inside-the-Waistband holster. I’ve heard great things about Alien Gear (currently up to Cloak Tuck 3.5), but IWB’s alien to me. Even though I’ve dropped 30 pounds, I still can’t get on with inside-the-waistband holsters. I know I’ve mentioned that before but this time I want to point out  . . .

that you can’t open carry with an IWB holster.

I wish that concept wasn’t so alien to so many people, ’cause open carry is one of the best way to normalize guns and gun rights. Besides, it gives you a chance to wear something pretty, holster-wise. A fragrant hand-tooled leather holster displaying a suitably subtle message perhaps? (Molon labe this MF’er!)

Do you open carry? If so, what holster do you use? Something with retention? If not, are legal, practical or OPSEC considerations keeping your gat undercover?

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  1. Even if you’re okay with the tactical (as in tactics, not as in OPERATOR) ramifications, you must have retention if you’re in public. Doing otherwise is grossly irresponsible. If I OC’d, I’d CC, too, because I’d hate to be robbed.

    Just my opinion, but I don’t see changing it, either.

  2. I OC sometimes. It depends on where I’m going and what I’m doing. If I’m going near Denver I don’t at all because Denver has these oddball “fingers” that stick out where, depending on where you are, you can drive on a single street and repeatedly cross back and forth between Denver and another city. (OC is verboden in Denver).

    For OC, IMHO, retention is a must. I’ll rock something like a Fletch holster for that. While I’m not stuck on Galco if it ain’t got a retention snap or some other positive retention system I’m not using it.

    While I don’t think it’s a serious risk there are some “do gooders” out there who, if they see a gun, might try to disarm you thinking you’re a BG. Without retention there’s an increased chance that you now have a struggle over a gun that said “do gooder” probably doesn’t know fuck all about and even if they do the struggle greatly increases the chances that the gun is fired and someone catches a bullet. Knowing my luck that would be some innocent bystander who’s probably a mom with three kids. If the “do gooder” manages to get the gun away from you and they don’t know what they’re doing… Christ.

    Not to mention that when they start screaming about a gun other “do gooders” might jump in to help them (remember that black dude who got attacked at the Wal-Mart for legal CCW when his concealment failed?). It’s also true that you might not get a struggle. You might just catch a whack to the back of the head and drop (knock out game style) and now who knows who’s got your gun and what they might know/not know about it. Retention doesn’t matter as much at that point but I’ve seen a lot of people who couldn’t think their way out of a wet paper bag so they might not be able to figure out how to disengage your retention and disarm you before the cops/someone with two firing neurons shows up.

    Anything that makes it harder/adds time to disarming you is, IMHO, a good thing when it comes to OC. Personally, I don’t worry TOO much about the proverbial methhead/druggie with OC because most of them won’t bother you and those that do will likely be so amped up on uppers that you’re gonna end up stabbing/shooting them to back them up anyway. Going toe to toe with a methhead is going to be a BAD day.

    /end rant

  3. Sadly, here in Illinoisistan, you can only OC on your own property. Basically means I have to untuck my shirt to cover my holster in the summer or throw on a jacket in the winter.

    • Depending on where you are, yes.
      cRook County OC, even on your own property, will get you some “oh my goodness, a gun! Run!” attention.
      Will County will get you an invitation to go shooting on someone’s farm and a beer(s) afterwards.
      DuPage can take it or leave it.
      Grundy = it ain’t a gun unless it’s a 1911. And if it’s a 1911, no laws apply.
      Kankakee doesn’t even look at the gun; are you their sisters’ uncle daddy?
      Lake, you’re screwed.
      Kendall population 36. If you don’t have one, you don’t count towards the population (overall population 37).

      • I’m in Kane county, so it’s not all bad. I’ve got the rarest of Illinois rarities… A straight GOP lineup for all my state and federal districts. (Or I did, until Duckworth waddled her way into office.)

  4. I carry a J frame in an OWB paddle holster, in the cross draw appendix position while driving, otherwise strong hand hip position in the same holster. If I’m hiking I take a larger 686 in a shoulder holster. I guess that would be considered both OWB and Open Carry? The appendix position works for me in Detroit as I may very likely have to draw from a seated position. Honestly, anytime I’m in the city I’m on full alert as there have been so many attempted car jackings not to mention dumb-assery. The hot spot for crime has been gas stations. Luckily Detroit has a police commissioner who is actively seeking to arm gas station owners/attendants, installing HD cameras in these locations and tells homeowners to arm up as their own first-responders. As a result, a lot of BG’s are getting shot, not that it will ever make the national news as it totally blows their narrative.

  5. Mostly IWB, OC crossdraw occasionally, I’ve found its best to stick with one system though, in a SHTF situation I don’t want to be grabbing for a sidearm that isnt there. Before I found out it’s illegal in this statel to have a CC firearm without it being holstered I normally carried my sidearm above my back pocket using the belt for retention.

  6. Pocket carry 642, LCP, or P11.

    IWB too much trouble. OWB too much trouble. OC too much trouble.
    Low risk lifestyle, and lazy.
    At least I carry consistently. 😁

  7. I only OC when camping, hunting or fishing. I am not a fan of IWB but do it occasionally. most days, I OWB. Here in the last frontier, open or concealed is by right. This makes it easier to carry a full size weapon as you don’t have to worry about your gun showing.

  8. IWB, Glock 43 everywhere except deer hunting. Can’t seem to get the scoped Model 29 6″ in my pants very comfortably in the woods.

  9. Here in Montana where it’s jacket weather 7 months out of the year, I can conceal my G19 in an OWB holster. If i’m not wearing a jacket, it’s IWB. Either way, it’s concealed. OWB is just more comfortable if I can get away with it. The only time I OC is when i’m in the mountains where there are 4 legged critters that can eat me. Griz, black bear, lions, wolves are all prevalent here. Then i carry the G20 with buffalo bore hard cast lead.

    • open carry = not conforming to gun control.

      For every scenario you can think of there is a counter scenario. Don’t be a dick e-thug.

  10. There are appropriate times for both types of carry. More need to focus on actual training than the “vs” arguments.

  11. I can’t get a permit cause my human and civil rights are dependent on my zip code. So I have to be extra careful when I carry. No oc for me.

  12. I would prefer to OC, mainly because buying into the whole “Out of sight, out of mind” concealment issues is basically just a form of complying with more gun laws. Having to conceal because of my zip code is an infringement on my right to defend myself and only plays into the fear mongering that a gun is to blame for the crime instead of the person. If you really think about it, concealment is fear mongering. It’s sad. Of course, in today’s society, I have learned to conceal because people are idiots. When I was in a state that allowed Open carry, but made it VERY hard to get a conceal permit, I OWB carried and put everyone else’s self righteous bullshit opinions out of my mind. I never made a large profile and and never had an issue. I was rarely questioned and it seemed like those who did, also carried or owned guns. So if you want to talk about the whole OWB = Shoot me first/make yourself a target scenarios, maybe you should lead with why they exist in a society that caters to mentally disabled and people who would rather rely on someone else to protect them instead of why OWB makes you a target. I think by doing that alone, you create some awareness that the inanimate object is not in question, but the person who uses it should be. Personally, I would rather focus on fixing these problems with our society catering to people who would die without proper care and pennies out of our own paychecks than worry about OWB or IWB.

    When it comes down to it, just carry. Eventually, we will have to defend ourselves again and when that time comes, will you advise people to conceal for others safety? Or would you rather solve the real problems…

    Dont play into the fear mongering.


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