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Here’s mechanical engineer gratiafabula’s EDC. The star of this show: a Springfield XD-S .45 in a Werkz holster. You can see the details on the rest of his gear and lots of others’ at Everyday Carry.

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      • I’m indifferent to this series (I preferred weapons of war), but you are right, although somewhat unfairly.

        I normally scroll to the bottom of the page or the last story I recognize. I start with the one above it, and then use the little advance arrow to move to the next story. I did choose to load it, but the simplest loading solution funnels me to it. Still normally I see the series name and move along (I do that for a couple others unless the sub-topic is especially interesting to me), with the only cost being a couple MB of data and 5 seconds of my time.

    • ” Whut’s with the old-school phone?”

      A smart man (or woman) doesn’t need a ‘smart’ ‘phone…

      What’s that skinny black thing with the ring?

        • I thought it was a tactical pen. Maybe it’s a tactical suppository delivery system (with knurled grip for positive retrieval)?

      • Never claimed to be smart Geoff -but my 3g $15 smart phone helps when I find $15 paintings at garage sales I sell for 32000bucks. Or when I get lost and google maps is better than the maps I used to carry(and the fine art price guides)…

  1. Every pocket dunp ever:

    Blah Blah Gun
    Blah Blah Holster
    Blah Blah light
    Blah Blah knife
    Blah Blah phone
    Blah Blah Keys/Ring
    and a bunch of other crap nobody cares about least of all your fvcking wallet.

    Just end this series now. Its boring, useless and nauseatingly redundant.

    • Right there with ya Mack.

      For Christ Sakes Man how intriguing can a pocket dump be? Perhaps an undergarment? A map? Laser measuring device? Oh I know a sauce packet, some salt, or hot sauce? A condiment dump that’s the ticket.

    • Its boring, useless and nauseatingly redundant.

      The same may be said about you, yet nobody is clamoring for your removal. Yet.

    • QQ more chief, some of us who actually EDC love this stuff. Furthermore, the effort put into posting a complaint could have been manifested in a million other activities, some of which might have actually entertained you or created some kind of personal benefit. I actually would like to know if people have a holster they love carrying because of x or y reason.

  2. I personally like this series, regardless of what some others say. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it – and definitely don’t comment on it. Stop trying to get TTAG to stop running it because some of us here enjoy it. I like the fact that they’re trying new things here, and I hope they come up with even more new ideas.

  3. I agree that this is an enjoyable series. Not only has it turned me on to the everyday carry website that is very well made and a great source for gear ideas, it is intriguing to learn what others find worth carrying with them on a daily basis. We get so many reviews and gear suggestions from professionals who have had thousands of hours with some of the best gear that very few of us will ever have the chance to buy. As such, you get people that are carrying 300$ knives (which are great) so it is good to see what other people have made the choice to carry that is worth their time, energy and hard earned money.

  4. Even though I know other people carry, I enjoy being reminded of it.

    It’s like seeing somebody turn and you see the outline of their concealed carry piece and you can’t help but smile because you recognize a fellow traveler.

  5. I like seeing what people carry. I just wish there was more info on how they do it. How many pockets do they spread it out over? How big are those pockets in general? Are they wearing cargo pants? Shorts? How many items are in one pocket? In what arrangement? I’m always fidgeting with the arrangement of my standard load-out and am always looking for a better way.

  6. I’m going to have a friend take a picture of my daily pocket carry contents tomorrow. When you see my phone you’ll know why I need the help!


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