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Hey! A fellow Row Dielander! How you doin’? I’m doin’ good. How you doin? I’m doin’ good. And now you know Ocean State residents’ official mating ritual greeting. So let’s have a look at Rhode Island Jeff’s pocket dump. What’s wrong with this picture? . . .

Although Jeff sports a Samsung Gear S3 smart watch, the self-professed “hard worker” carries something not entirely unlike a Filofax. Clicking on his profile page leads us to the Amazonian description of his izBuy Planner . . .

PU A SCIENTIFIC APPROACH TO PRODUCTIVITY & HAPPINESS – Using scientific strategies set forth to improve productivity & happiness, the izBuy Planner is the ONLY choice in undated daily planners & personal organizers! Get more done and feel better, everyday!

iWonder if Jeff feels better than us planner and field-noteless everyday carry peeps. Anyway, guns . . .

Too bad we don’t know the capacity of the magazine nestled in Jeff’s GLOCK 19. Ten? That’s the maximum number of rounds Bay State burghers allow the sheeple to carry in their gat — unless they lawfully possessed one of GLOCK’s “large capacity feeding devices” manufactured on or before September 13, 1994.

Because guns. And yes, there are ways to tell ye olde GLOCK mag from a new one. Answers on a postcard below.

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