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Todd’s a firearms instructor, so he very well may¬†carry both of those GLOCKs. Check out Todd’s EDC choices at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Rookie question, but what the utilitarian purpose to carrying a “curved” knife like that? Obviously, I’m not tacticool enough to even know the name for that style of fixed blade, but at first thought it doesn’t seem to make much sense as an EDC blade.

    • The Kabar TDI is a last ditch knife. It’s curved to make poking/slashing (but mainly poking) the BG more ergonomic in a struggle.

    • It’s not a utility blade, it’s pretty much sole purpose is as a ‘get off me’ knife, and the geometry makes it easy to use in a wrestling match.

    • Designed by John Benner from TDI, made by Ka-bar .

      Meant to be a law enforcement blade carried on the weak side so that if there is a struggle for a gun in your right hand, you have some recourse…

      Great place, recently took their handgun 1,2,3 course. Very lucky to have something like this in Ohio.


    • The extra notch is for your support hand’s first finger.

      To get a higher grip on the weapon with both hands for more control.


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