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About his gear, Strych9 writes, “Pretty basic IMHO. I don’t carry much else in my pockets other than maybe a pen and the phone (Galaxy Note 3) I used to take this picture so I don’t mind carrying a full sized pistol and a spare mag for it.” See what he’s selected at Everyday Carry . . .

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    • It’s easy to over do the key chain. Mine holds keys, 2 inch long flashlight (attached with a rope lanyard so I don’t have to have my palm filled with junk while I use the light.) Also, a small knife and nail clippers. These are the tools I most commonly need during my day. Few people will need to carry a leatherman, prying tools, or compass. I carry a small WW2 style messenger bag for my secondary carry: diabetic supplies, wallet, phone, water bottle, OTC meds (Headach, anti-acid, anti-diarehal), index cards spiral bound for notes, electronic reader, clean-up wipes and pens. No duct tape, seven day survival food, or tools to change my muffler. Oh, I also carry a knife on my waistband.

    • I only OC with holsters that have retention.

      I can generally cover this with a T-shirt but sometimes I throw on a button up over shirt and leave it unbuttoned. Depends on where I’m going and what I’m doing.

      If I’m going somewhere more formal I swap over to a 941 Jericho in a Falco Roto-Tilt shoulder holster and have that under my jacket.

      • Understood. I need a heavier garment to carry even a midsized gun iwb.

        My biguest problem is that a 4 inch barrel digs in. I normally carry full sized owb.

        • Yeah you have to balance what you’re doing with what’s comfortable. Some people love appendix carry. I can’t do it, sitting down in a car or on a chair while carrying that way digs the gun into my hip and with the one holster I tried it with hit me in the balls too. Having to sit down like a 80 year old guy to avoid nutshotting myself didn’t really appeal to me.

  1. Good loadout.

    Strych, do you beat the hell out of all your furniture like that?

    You have some world-class gouges in that wood… 🙂

    • Can’t speak for the man. But I raised teenaged boys in my house. All my furniture looked like a bengal tiger used it for chew toys.

      And my garage gun bench is an old throwaway table from a high school. It looks like that.

    • Once, long a go and in a land far away it was a nice table.

      I got it at a garage sale for like $35 for it so that I could have yet more flat space to work on engine parts and other assorted tasks like jigging up stuff to weld. I chopped the legs down so it was more of a bench and then proceeded to pretty much destroy it. The section you can see here is the “nice” part of the table. (The one without huge stains, deep gouges, holes drilled through it etc.)

      Why spend hundreds or $1000+ when you can get the same thing every few years from a garage sale and get rid of it when you destroy it?

      • For the sub 100 bucks you would spend on a brand new piece of crap furniture from Wal Mart, you can get a rock solid used one.

        The most important thing to never skimp on is a chest of drawers.

        • Chest of drawers?

          One pile of dirty clothes in the bathroom, clean piles of clothes in the bedroom, most hung on hangers in the closet…

  2. Excellent, I’d advise a weapon light and some medical gear but a fantastic selection of gear to be sure.

      • Matt, Basic medical gear will fit in a front jeans pocket (tq, gloves, compression bandage, and celox) that of course wont cover everything but thats what backpacks and gloveboxes are for. A tq is the bare minnimun, I run two every single day along with gloves and throw in the celox and compression bandage on occasion as well. No fanny packs here.

        Strych9, excellent to see so much quality medical gear kept close at hand. Now I feel like my kit needs topping off with some more goodies!

    • I wasn’t ignoring you here Derek but I seriously fucked up my foot this morning and bruised some tendons/ligaments so I didn’t really feel like hoofing it around to give you your answer. However, the hot water and Ibuprofen have made me significantly more able to move around so I will now address your message.

      I generally take a backpack with me. For the last little while I’ve had to take some refresher classes to pass my grad school entrance exam (which I now have and I start grad school next week). So I have gym/daily carry bag that has my laptop, books and BJJ gi in it. It also contains the following:

      The bag is an Oakley Mechanism so this stuff is all in the outside pockets.

      I also have a larger IFAK (no pictures here) in my car attached to the back of my driver’s seat and then, being a nut, this in the trunk as well. It’s much more expansive and yes, I know how to use it. The local cops, firefighters EMT’s and Paramedics love me and I can say that from knowing most of them and having them over for BBQ.

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