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Spencer Sevy. Again. And again. Oh, and one more time. Spencer’s nothing if not prolific. Not to mention eclectic. This time, with a G19 and a Cold Steel Recon. See the rest of the details on this EDC setup at Everyday Carry.

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    • I carry every day – just not the same stuff. I’ve got expensive knives and guns that need to be put into the rotation every now and then.

      • Yeah, I get that, but the title is Everyday Carry, which is the gear, not Everyday Carrier, which is the guy.

        This setup is the Everyday Carrier’s Once a Week Carry. Or something.

  1. I think he really wants us to know that while his other tastes may change he always likes Dude Stick.

  2. No offense to the folks at everyday,com, but I find this whole series really boring.

  3. Hey, Dan. The Everyday Carrey is fun stuff, just like the MP5K variant for collectors. Just because I’m not buying it for myself, doesn’t mean I don’t want to read about it. TTAG’s diversity is good stuff, but the snarks, crybullies, and tough-guy-wanna-be bloggers, not so much. But, hey, that’s the price of this medium.

  4. I heard the EDC pics are so the lizard people have info on what your EDC is.

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