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We’re guessing RHC doesn’t carry all of what you see above at once. What some of our readers seem to miss is the fact that a lot of these pocket dumps show a collection of gear the contributors cycle through their daily loadout. You can only pack so many pistols, knives and Field Notes books at a time (unless some of it goes in a satchel, backpack or murse). Then again, maybe RHC’s a big guy who firmly believes two is one and one is none. Either way, check out the details of his Everyday Carry gear below . . .

  1. Kershaw Shuffle
  2. Kershaw Blur 
  3. Glock 19 Gen 3
  4. Blade-Tech Klipt Appendix IWB
  5. LaserLyte CK-AMF Side Mount Laser (LCP)
  6. Nemesis V30 Safety/Sunglasses
  7. Ruger LCP Stainless
  8. Galco Ankle Lite (Right Hand LCP)
  9. Galco PMC24 Pocket Mag Carrier
  10. Relic Leather Wallet
  11. Leatherman Juice S2
  12. Streamlight Pro Tac 2L
  13. D.M. Bullard Double Thick Leather Belt
  14. Keys w/Carabiner & Bottle Opener
  15. Glock 19 Magazine 
  16. iPhone w/Otterbox

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    • Actually, I carry all of this load out pretty frequently.

      When I got home, the day I took this, I just took everything off my person, plopped it all on the table, and snapped the pic. You can see the sweat stains on the G19 slide from being against my body all day.

      But, I have many EDC’s – variety being the spice of life.

        • I carry what I carry. I’m not to trying to keep anyone’s interest, nor do I have a need to, so there is no way for me to actually “jump the shark.”

          As far as TTAG, they are merely reposting what other’s are posting on a separate site ( They are the conduit, not the source.

        • This actually looks like one of the more reasonable EDC posts that has been on TTAG…I mean the third blade is a bit excessive for my tastes but overall it looks easy enough to comfortably carry.

  1. Honestly how do people carry so much stuff. I carry phone, wallet, keys, chapstick, and on a good day a knife. When I get a carry permit I plan to add a Ruger LCP IWB at the 3:30 position.

    • In my right front pocket I carry a rite in the rain notebook (smallest one) with a space pen, mini pencil, 47 LED flashlight (single AAA), and a mini sharpie clipped to the notebook, Leatherman Wingman (except on Sundays or void by law), and keys. In my left front pocket I have my wallet (5/8″ binder clip) (with licenses, credit cards, ID’s and cash) and a wave opening knife (unless void by law). Work gloves and handkerchief in my back pockets. I always have a watch and phone(unless I forget the phone or I’m in sensitive areas at work). At work I’ll carry a full size pen and sometimes a pencil and highlighter. If I’m outside, I’ll have sunglasses unless I left the house after dark. And I carry a thing or two extra (unless void by law-like at my work). Other than the extra stuff, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable carrying all this stuff. And I carry it 99% of the time.

    • When I first started CCing, it was a Charter Arms snubby .38 w/ IWB leather holster, and my Old Timer pocket knife.

      Nothing wrong with keeping things simple, I just like simple multiplied.

      • I wear loose fitting cargo shorts or Levis 501. But being skinny doesn’t help, carrying much at all forces me to cinch my belt up to the point of discomfort.

  2. The sexy beast mentioned above is your truly – no autographs, please.

    I can, and do, carry this all at once, and I was carrying every bit of it the day I took the pic. But, I’m not a big guy, I’m just under 6ft and hover around 185-190lbs. And I don’t wear tacticool pants, either.

    Occasionally, depending on what is going on, the G19 and spare mag hang out in my back pack (no manpurse or I’d have to kick my own a$$.) But yeah, I do care this full EDC very regularly and all at once.

    Maybe, one day, I’ll do a small write up on how I carry everything.

      • He obviously doesn’t think tsgthtf anytime soon, or he’d be more prepared to take notes… He’ll be one of the first to go.

    • Sir, I would like you to know you’re not alone! I work as a construction inspector in the southwest, and often ignore gunfree zones cause as my first instructor told me, “its called concealed for a reason. My normal carry is at 4:00 is either a glock 19 or an HK USPc in a Sparks VMII, at 8:00 are two spare mags, on my right ankle is either a S&W Shield or a 442 with one reload, front right pocket keys and a Cold Steel ti-lite, left front Spyderco Endura and mail box keys, right cargo, wallet, surefire ed2, comb, and charger for phone. Left cargo surefire p2, Leatherman skeletool, boo boo kit. This is what I carry everyday with an Hawaiian shirt or Columbia madras shirt half buttoned ……..never been made. Oh forgot a note 5 in a wilderness carrier, obfuscates the hand gun.

      • The finish on my Streamlight is wearing down to bare metal, so I’m looking to retire it in the near future. And the Surefire P2 Fury is looking pretty temping.

        Then again, there is a part of me that just wants to keep running the Streamlight until it breaks. Just to see how long it holds up.

  3. I see why you need the double thick belt. Ha!

    Don’t know why people are freaking. Seems reasonable. I carry two sometimes. LCP and not a 19. Usually an LCR of some flavor.

  4. What makes no sense at all is carrying a back up gun that uses a mag that’s different from your primary gun. This is the tell tale sign of someone who has never practiced or been drilled in the use of that back up when a primary fails. Now you have two magazine to a non-functioning gun and a back up that is just 10 rounds to empty instead of 40 rounds to empty.

    No back up belt or suspenders. Not even trying bro.

    • Actually, the BUG isn’t really for me.

      My wife has her LTC, but doesn’t carry very often, much to my dismay.

      So, I basically carry it for her. When we are out and about, and I have separate from her and the kids, for whatever reason, I unstrap the LCP and put it in her purse.

      I did carry the G26 on my ankle for a short time (my wife’s carry gun), but it’s too heavy for me. I didn’t like having that much weight on my ankle, I felt immobile.

      So, to summarize, your are correct, I have not trained malfunctions with it, because it’s not there for me. My spare mag is for malfunctions.

      As far as a backup belt, I keep a full change of clothes in my truck, so does that count? And as far as suspenders, WTF, do you think I am a freaking hipster, or something?

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