Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: Rayray

Rayray takes the term “pocket dump” seriously with a truly pocketable pistol in the Smith Bodyguard 380. See the rest that he’s packing at Everyday Carry . . .


  1. avatar BLoving says:

    So what kinda boat ya’ got, Rayray?
    Bonus points to readers who spotted why I’m assuming Rayray has a boat.

    1. avatar Porkchop says:

      Marlinspike on the knife. How many bonus points do I get?

      1. avatar James says:

        I have several marlinspikes including that same Myerchin knife but no boat 🙁

        1. avatar ActionPhysicalMan says:

          I sold my beloved Westsail 32 three years ago. I can hardly look at bodies of water and sailboats because I get such a pang of loss. When I think of my time sailing, I hear “The Sun ain’t gonna shine anymore” in my head

        2. avatar little horn says:

          why are you ruining their judging of others by materials???? WHY???


  2. avatar little horn says:

    if i had to carry around that much shit, i would shoot myself with that damn gun LOL

  3. avatar ButtHurtz2 says:

    Change the Bodyguard to a LCP 2 and all is well.

  4. avatar Your Real Name says:

    Altoids – I was going to say something… glad I didn’t have to.

  5. avatar Dalton says:

    I have tried to like anything S&W polymer framed I just hate their trigger and pretty much everything felt very cheap imo (Shield and M&P 9c and 40c). I also had to constantly readjust my trigger finger after a couple of rounds, it would slide to the left on the trigger (right hand strong hand).

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