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Buckeye Nic keeps thing simple with a concealable GLOCK and a top notch blade. Check out all of his gear at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. I would love, for once, to see what notes someone keeps in his field notes. I was “trained” to carry a notebook, but even then, never used it. What do people write in these things? I can understand if you are at the range, but I bring a range log book for that. I log my ham radio contacts, especially with an equipment change. I haven’t carried a notebook on my person, outside of business meetings, in years.

    • I write down stuff I don’t want to forget. Numbers, names, Model of something I like.

      I don’t carry field notes, just one of the teeny black thesis notebooks.

      Easier to use in bright light (you know – sunshine) than a smart phone.

  2. I use a small water proof notebook from REI to keep track of things like where I left my car at airport parking, or for things I see that I may want to investigate later.

  3. I give a thumbs up because he’s not one of those ridiculous fellows carrying and additional 45 rounds of ammo like he’s walking his dog through Mosul on a daily basis.

  4. the field notes guys live in an alternate quasi steampunk reality where cell phones weren’t invented.

  5. Please people, quit buying Field Notes. I met the creator of them, Aaron Draplin, a couple of years ago and he’s as anti-gun as they come. He gave a presentation to the designers in my city and half of it was just him praising Obama. He even did some work for the former president. He made a few derogatory remarks about the NRA and gun owners as a whole. He thinks we’re all mouth-breathers. Please, quit supporting him. It’s frustrating seeing his work pop up in every other EDC post.


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