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Firefighter Matthew carries a bit of the Constitution with him whenever he packs his Smith & Wesson 9mm Shield. See everything else he carries at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Those pathfinder/pro trek watches are pretty sweet for the money. I’ve used mine for navigation in the woods with no issues.

  2. What’s with the rubber ring ?
    Is that a wedding band or am I just way outside the EDC loop.

    • They’re called Qalo bands. A lot of firefighter, police, military, welders, construction workers etc wear them to avoid their ring getting damaged, or causing damage to their hands. I think they’re like 20 bucks online.

      I should probably get one but I just wear my titanium band everywhere.

      • Titanium ?
        Don’t wear around machinery, etc – will never be able to cut off.
        Excellent idea on the ring.
        When I worked oilfield, i would take off ring and watch – safety issue around equipment.

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