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Matt describes himself as a “sales lizard” for an international transportation company. What you see here are the essentials he carries as he slithers through his day. Check out the details on all of his gear at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. But how does he get through the day without a field notes, three flashlights, 4 blades, 2 multi tools, at least a primary and backup gun, and 90 rounds of ammo. It’s like the guy is not even trying.

  2. I just never got into the single action semi auto. I carried a Tokarov for a short time in the military but that was all that I could get my hands on. First chance I got I traded it for a Colt .38.

  3. Lizards walk. Snakes slither.

    Interesting choice of knife. I wouldn’t rock it but I’d pay attention to the person who had it in their hand!

  4. I have the Sig 938 also.
    Having it cocked and locked is safer than a Glock, for instance
    With the single action you have to both release the safety and apply to 7-8 pounds of pull to the trigger.
    With the Glock all you have to do to have a nd is apply 5 pounds of pull to the trigger.
    Granted you carry your gun in a proper holster that covers the trigger.
    So that adds even another layer of safety.
    The danger is when you handle the gun, such as when you’re going into a gun free zone, or coming home or drawing it!
    I will start a flame war and say you could carry Israeli style empty chamber then you are totally safe from an nd and 1-2 seconds slower on the draw.

  5. Confirming my backup role. That is Wolfgang. For home defense he is a fury (furry?) guided missile. One of the reasons I changed carry to the Sig from an FNS9c is comfort for home carry, so in the event I would be almost as ready as his steady state. I feed him 80% raw meat, 20% raw bone & organs. 2lbs daily. Maintain your arsenal.

    • Nothing trumps a good dog for realistic personal protection in urban and semi urban settings outside of full on war zones.

      Any thugs worth their salt, will distract you by talking, yelling flashing highbeams, running car alarms or flashing tits, while their buddy sneaks up and smacks you in the back of the head. In any setting that is not a war zone where you can realistically use your gun to arrange others as you see fit, that simply ploy works. Everyone in Latin America has known that, many personally, for decades, and it still works just as well as it did for the first two thugs who ever stumbled upon it. I have known some survivalists who insists on walking around with bicycle and dental mirrors attached to their hats, but outside of rural Idaho, it’s hard to keep a job or find clients, dressed like that.

      But with someone like Wolfgang at heel, noone in their right mind would even try to sneak up on you. And, faced with Wolfgang, those vanishingly few who are simultaneously not in their right mind, and still around to prey on people, will at a minimum have to reveal enough ill intent to justify bringing the Sig into play.

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