Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: Matt F


Web managers tend to be practical people who like to be prepared with things to south. Hence Matt’s carry compliment. Check out everything he totes at Everyday Carry . . .


  1. avatar Ralph says:

    He needs more knives.

    1. avatar Supermike says:

      Another cargo shorts wearer…

  2. avatar Gunsplain says:

    Today in “this is totally not brass knuckles”

    1. avatar Eric in Oregon says:

      Thank you, I couldn’t figure out what that tool was for. The website says it’s a novelty bottle opener. Yeahh… 🙂

  3. avatar GWHNick says:

    The Benchmade 940 is my favorite knife I own. Its slim in the pocket and perfect size for daily use. I don’t even bother with my zero tolerance or fixed blade knives anymore unless I am hiking and need a larger tool.

  4. avatar Tile floor says:

    I cannot take all the field notes in these things

    1. avatar CRF says:

      Tactical note taking is very important if you’re an operational operator operating operations operationally.

    2. avatar Chris says:

      Field Notes:
      -Grocery list
      -Home Depot list
      -books/music to remember
      -operational instructions from the wife

      Lots of other uses not mentioned…

  5. avatar CJ in KC says:

    Whew. Must be one potentially rough neighborhood.

  6. avatar Volunteer says:

    Ditch the field notes and one of the knives for a back up cell phone power source. The smart phone is probably the most versatile and powerful tool you’re carrying.

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