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We don’t know if Lucas carries the XDs and the LCP at the same time. But being a bar manager, that probably wouldn’t be a crazy idea. See what else he chooses for his Everyday Carry below . . .

  1. StreamLight Microstream
  2. Cold Steel Voyager Tanto – Old Style
  3. Victorinox Classic SD
  4. Toshiba Swivel Flash-Drive
  5. SuDroid Z18 Mini Android Phone
  6. Springfield XDs – .45 ACP w/ Techna Side Clip
  7. Ruger LCP w/ Techna Side Clip
  8. True Utility Telescoping Pen
  9. Brushed Chrome Zippo w/ Custom Engraving

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    • Good common sense, for the most part, but there’s also a grip safety involved.

      Let me keep it short; You guys can armchair quarterback all you want, but this is my loadout, and it’s staying that way.

      Deal with it.

      • I wouldn’t carry mine that way, but if you’re going to carry any pistol with only a belt clip, a Springfield is it.

        I’m a big fan of Springfield’s grip safeties. They take Glock-style ND’s out of the mix, and you don’t have to fuss about whether the safety is on or off. If you’re not gripping the handle, the safety is doing its job by default; when the gun is in your hand, it’s ready to go.

      • Do whatever you want.

        You risk more than you gain in your carry choice IMO humble opinion.

        You put it on the internet get ready for input. Deal with it.

        • And I had some input for those guys too, but it sounds like their heads are pretty far up there already.

  1. Are those little clips uncomfortable? Never used one but it seems that the grip checkering would start to rub YMMV

    • There’s usually a shirt tucked in underneath, so it’s not that much of a problem.

      Since I know I’ll be getting a lot of “experts” chiming in: I go with the clip because it doesn’t add any extra thickness and I will not use any kind of holster that doesn’t securely keep in place. A pistol only needs to shimmy its way out of an IWB rig once before I refuse to trust it again.

      • If Raven Concealment would make the Vanguard 2 for guns other than Glock, they’d see a lot of takers. I used to carry a Glock in one for the same reason you cite (bulk) and it was great AND covered the trigger guard.

  2. I carry either an XDM or XDS 45, AIWB, and the LCP IWB offside hip. With the LCP there’s really no excuse not to carry it as an offside BUG

  3. If it’s too warm for a jacket or overshirt, I’ll carry the LCP up front and the XDs in an ankle rig. Ordinarily, it’s the other way around.

    Let the douchebags make all the “mall ninja” jokes they want, but the XDs carries 5+1 and the extended mags print too much; why wouldn’t I keep a back-up? 6 rounds is fine if it’s only one assailant, but I’ve seen from experience that troublemakers tend to move in packs.

    • I like the offside LCP carry in case my right hand is hurt or occupied, and the 380 recoil is controllable with my offhand side in a way that doesn’t work as well at higher calibers.

      I’ll tuck the XDS/M into a Sticky holster AIWB but like to have an actual belt-clip Galvo IWB holster for the LCP-I don’t want it wandering around back there.

  4. Man this guy has really thought through all the scenarios. Just imagine it:

    In a dark middle eastern alleyway, while returning to his technical from a surgical assault on the corner fallafel stand, he is confronted by an ISIS ninja. He goes to draw his xD. Now most of us would panic when (while trying to extricate it past multiple layers of clothing, belts, and whatever else might be in the way) we inadvertantly empty the magazine into our thigh and buttock, due to the lack of a holster and any trigger protection. But not Lucas D! You see, he had already figured out that using a clipdraw would inevitably have this result, so he packs a backup gun!

    We could all learn a lesson from this operational defender of freedom. Keeping America’s Malls Safe!

      • Was it jingoism? I thought he was being facetious. I do like the fact that you carry two guns though, because a spare magazine would just be stupid.

        • I knew he was joking, so I joked in kind.

          You’re obviously being an asshole, though, so do I need to respond likewise?

        • No we already know you are one. Pretty intense on this post though huh? Is this literally the most important thing you’ve ever accomplished…aw

  5. Two knives, two guns, but only one lighter?! Trust me dude that lighter is going to run dry about a hundred times before either of those pistols do. Spend 57 cents and get a bic lighter. It will come in handy when you want to light a smoke before jumping through the air while firing off both pistols at the same time.

    • No .57 cent disposable Bics have “F— COMMUNISM” engraved on the front, which as we all know, grants 1000 extra “Hell yeah” points for a portable incinerator.

      You’re lucky to get this C-, and see me after class.

      • I think a few bics do have that written on them, but you can only get them at the mall. You know where the mall is don’t you Rambo?

        • Looks like I have my answer.

          Yeah, dude, all mall ninjas know that place. It’s where your sister works, after all.

        • I’m not sure if that’s meant to be an insult. But uh sick burn…Take that for having a job at the mall my sister.

    • I know, it’s a shame they don’t have the molded clip anymore; steel ones tend to bend when they catch on something. My uncle gave me that fifteen years ago and I’ve carried it ever since.

  6. Roger that Lucas, don’t let these civilians get you down. I myself carry at least three rifles with me at all times. I mean what if I get attacked by a battalion. I’d be more f’d than your ahole

  7. LUCAS!
    I’ve been on the fence and shopping all day for a holster for my glock 26. I really have been looking at the clipdraw with an aegis armory trigger guard but all of the naysayers naysay pretty hard about the clipdraw. Here you are with TWO GUNS clipdrawin away. I’d like to know how the cant is on them while carrying and also any downsides?

  8. Lucas D.

    Question for you. I pocket carry a LCP but really like the XDS 45. You carry both. Could you comment on your preference between the two? Obviously you use the belt clips, but I must pocket it. Would i notice a difference in back pocket carry from a LCP to the XDS?


  9. I kinda like it even though I’m not a fan of gun-clips. I do understand they have minimal bulk. I have had a couple of friends get the trigger tied-up in shirt. Everyone is different.

    That Voyager is a big-ass knife. If you went with something smaller you could probably tote another LCP. 🙂

    Carry On


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