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Kyle’s an agent. Secret agent? Talent agent? Travel agent? Your guess is as good as ours. Whatever kind of agency he practices, he does it with a SIG P238 in his pocket. Check out the other gear he carries at Everyday Carry.

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  1. A Boxster owner is exactly the type of person that would go out of their way to showcase their entirely irrelevant car key.

    • Well, that’s because you perceive Porsche as a luxury brand, not an affordable performance brand.

      Cayman/Boxter is exactly what Porsche is meant to be.

      The outdated 911 shouldve been ditched 2 generations ago for an MR platform. But instead they transformed the 911 into a GT, and kept suppressing the potential of the Cayman/Boxter.

      Nothing to see here, just capitalists trying to make money out of the stupid public’s vanity, all the while hurting us the real loyalists to the brand. The Cayman is made to suck, the 918 is out of reach, nothing in between to satisfy people who want something to compete with, say, F430/458/488.

      Me, i’m just happy it’s not a Cayenne, Panamera or a Macan.

      • As I’m pretty sure I’ve said before on this very forum: if you’re buying a boxster for performance, you’re doing wrong. Most Japanese sports cars will smoke a boxster at a fraction of the price… as long as you can live without heated leather seats and headlight wipers.

        • Correct

          Because Porsche fvcked it up

          It shouldve been what 911 is today. And the rear-rear 911 shouldve been cast into the realm of curio n relics, or made as a GT geared towards pure comfort and luxury

    • He should showcase it. It isn’t irrelevant just because it makes you feel inadequate.

  2. Sig, custom made knife ,and a Porsche , nice . The fact that he posted a Movado in there shows me he like that he likes what he likes and works for him . Image be damned .

  3. I’m not sure what to think of this guy. On one hand, he has bullet bill grip panels, but on the other, he drives a Porsche…..

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