Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Keith Michaels

Does it get any better than a slim nine and a good pocket knife? Anything else is just gilding the lily. See the rest of what Keith totes at Everyday Carry . . .


  1. avatar strych9 says:

    What’s in the pouch?

    1. avatar Col. Flagg says:


    2. avatar Gen. Ripper says:

      Precious bodily fluids.

  2. avatar Scott Greer says:

    I can’t see why people don’t carry a spare magazine, especially when packing a single stack pistol. Because not only would you give yourself more shots if needed. But you’ll be able to have a backup if things go awry.

    1. avatar CDC says:

      If you get in a gun fight and a S&W Shield is all you got, spare mags are not what you need,track shoes bro.

      1. avatar Scott Greer says:

        So what happens if you can’t run? You just gonna stand there and die?

        1. avatar CDC says:

          Yep,that’s the way it rolls.

      2. avatar Texheim says:

        If a gun is going to malf, the mag is usually the issue

  3. avatar Richard McGannon, Esq. says:

    No Need for track shoes. The SHield is a good tool. Practice with it for muscle memory…until you are prepared, then when the gun fight happens (usually within 25 feet or less), clear clothing, draw gun from holster, aim, shoot and move – then repeat until the threat is over. The key is practice without ammo for the clear clothing, release of safety (if equipped) and dry fire.

    1. avatar CDC says:

      Bovine droppings, I thought my FN 45,was bad,I’ll take the shield off the night table and let her roll with me in the danger zone.

      1. avatar Carrucan says:

        I’m certain you know what’s best.

  4. avatar JW says:

    Arguable, it does get better, or at least more effective, with a fat 9 and a bowie… 🙂

  5. avatar ottodog says:

    Yes a good 9mm, and a good knife.
    Here’s my everyday carry.
    Sig P-938 9mm, and Hogue auto Tointo.

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