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JS is a consultant and writes, “Throughout the day this all ended up on me and in my pockets. Not shown; Droid Turbo II.” Check out all of his gear at Everyday Carry . . .


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        • So much this.

          I suspect some of these dumps are nothing more than that 1,000 dollar iPhone app a few years back that did nothing more than announce ‘I Am Rich’…

        • Bling doesn’t mean you’re rich. The truly rich I’ve known were pretty low key. Bling can mean a maxxed out credit card(s) and somebody robbing peter to pay paul.

          I’m unimpressed by watches and sportsy cars.

        • ” The truly rich I’ve known were pretty low key.”

          Yep. I know a few wealthy. Not mega wealth, but in the tens of millions.

          The homes they live in are upper-middle class, not mansions…

      • The SAK is too important to ditch. In a shtf or apocalypse moment a can opener/bottle opener may be the best bit of kit to have.

        And yes, I’ve opened cans with a k bar. It’s safer, quicker and cleaner to use an SAK.

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