Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Joseloy

Being a clinical and forensic psychologist in a Central American country, you can understand the desire to carry a reliable handgun. Hence Joseloy’s Walther PPK. See what else he carries at Everyday Carry . . .


  1. avatar Specialist38 says:

    Saving up for a phone for that phone case?
    Or is that where you sheath your knife?

    1. avatar howmanymoretimes says:

      Perhaps the phone is being used to take the picture, huh, dipshit?

      1. avatar jwm says:

        Meow. Somebody’s got the pms, bad.

      2. avatar treatmeeeethewayyoudo says:

        Excellent song.

  2. avatar zoss says:

    “a clinical and forensic psychologist in a Central American country”

    They have those down there?

    Also, as I understand it, the PPK doesn’t feed JHP reliably. Not knocking the gun or the ammo, my back up p3at is loaded with ball.

    And why do they almost never show the holster in these pictures? I like seeing how -not just what- people carry their defensive autos. And to add to that, backup mags?

    1. avatar Erich says:

      It depends, it seems. Mine has run 100% with the four or so brands I tried, most importantly with the Fiocchi XTP I carry in it. Most PPK carriers over at the Walther forums have similar experience. Others have had problems.

      1. avatar zoss says:

        Hmmm. Well, I stick with hardball in the p3at because it guarantees adequate penetration -and- in such a small gun, reliable feed.
        I have yet to see a JHP in .380 that consistently performs well across multiple tests, but, as always- YMMV.

  3. avatar Michael says:

    A concealed handcuff key might be Moore valuable.

  4. avatar Docduracoat says:

    What to carry in a .380 is controversial.
    Many tests show that it is relatively underpowered and does not reliably expand hollow points
    When they do expand, they often do not penetrate enough
    I carry truncated cone target ammo in my Walter PPK/S for that reason
    My Walther is finicky on which hollow points it likes
    So I feed it Winchester White Box and expect it to make nice round deep holes in anybody I need to shoot

  5. avatar Ashley Tamil says:

    You can actually find these same things, but with what the experts in the industry have voted on:


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