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OK, so this is more of a backpack dump rather than a pocket dump. Hitecktracker is, after all, an “outdoor professional” so he probably needs more gear than the average bear. Still, he carries his HK P30 not in his 5.11 pack but in the Alien Gear IWB holster pictured above. See the rest of what Hitecktracker packs in that pack at Everyday Carry

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    • It’s not an outlier. It’s pretty common on the host site. EDC is a very broad concept.

      It’s, not TTAG added the pocket dump part, from what I can gather. And the two concepts are not mutually exclusive.

    • The Pocket Reference is probably used to make complex calculations prior tor utilizing that tiny grappling hook (on the lower right). [Sarcasm].

      I have a suggestion..How about allowing a larger version on the photo by clicking on it?

  1. For Fvck Sake. When there is a backpack in the picture, it hardly qualifies as a pocket dump.

  2. One thing everyone should keep in mind is the “pocket dump” connotation is TTAG’s, not’s…

    The EDC concept does not include only what is in one’s pockets. TTAG has added the specification to a broadly ambiguous concept, which, and participants, are not obligated to abide.

    If this is the dude’s EDC, it’s his EDC.

  3. The magazines facing opposite directions does not instill confidence. Does he want to fumble a reload?

    • Maybe they are loaded with different types of ammo. I think I could manage that OK. I don’t think I ever would actually carry that way, but hey it’s a free country.

      • “…but hey it’s a free country.”

        I have a serious question for TTAG readers:

        When was the last time you have heard or said : “It’s a free country” *without* sarcasm or derision? When was the last time you heard it from someone who actually meant it?

        My survey of folks over the last few months indicates it was in the 80’s on average.

        What say you?

        • So you’re saying it’s not a free country?……..Any more?….I would guess 1915ish….like most things, depends on who you are, where you live, I’ve only felt free a few times. Then again I am not the landed gentry.

        • It’s a passive aggressive way to call someone an idiot.

          You’re basically saying you acknowledge that they have the right act idiotically.

        • “You’re basically saying you acknowledge that they have the right act idiotically.”

          As a kid in the 70’s “It’s a free country” was a somewhat common sentiment among my social peers.

          And we meant it.

          The usual context was along the lines of realizing that something *wasn’t* illegal, and if we didn’t mind the ridicule, we could indeed do it.

          So yeah, acting idiotically could be an element of it…

        • It was very common to hear in the 1990s too. All the way up until the demise of the dot com bubble and the rise of international internet media giants calling for one world government.

  4. A professional carries what he needs and leaves the rest while the noob is excited to bring as much redundancy and chaff around as possible to look the part.

    Guess which one this looks like 😀

    (everyone starts that way though)

    • Yeah, without knowing precisely what “outdoor professional” means in this dude’s context, I was thinking there is a ton of cruft there to my eye.

  5. If the guy who did this reads this site, I ask him to tell what he does for a living. Because if that’s what you need day to day, I seriously want in.

  6. With all that noise he carries, I’m surprised he doesn’t have a small lightweight AR-15 or similar carbine to go along with his “outdoor lifestyle”.

    A Ruger Takedown AR, Daniel Defense LW, or a bullpup would fit nicely in to his portfolio of gear.

    • A stock daniel defense MK18 weighs 5 pounds with the quad rail. Change it out for a lancer carbon fiber part and a Troy PDW style stock and you’ve got an ar that could potentially weigh in around 4lbs and could fit in a backpack.

  7. What I’m not seeing for someone who is an “outdoor professional”, which I assume has to do with being in the boonies judging by his pack dump, is food or water. Couple bottles of water and a few power bars might come in handy outdoors.

  8. Damn, that’s an expensive IFAK. I can’t swing much above fifty bucks for a basic unit and an Israeli dressing. A CAT is a luxury I can’t afford- that’s what cord and a makeshift windlass are for.

    While this looks fairly good overall, it seems to be missing food, water, and shelter. I’m out in the boonies for fun and profit more than most, and don’t go anywhere without two canteens or other good-sized water vessels, assorted nonperishable food to last 72 hours if needed, and a 6x8ft compact tarp. My primary weapon is also an 870, not a handgun- I’m surprised that this guy doesn’t include some sort of long gun. If critters and two-legged varmints are not an immediate concern, a takedown rifle would be ideal.

    Me? Snakes, bears, mountain lions, and meth-heads are all things I risk encountering. Ran into two of them recently, and evidence of a third. I carry a hip pouch loaded with slugs and 00; no messing around.

    • “Snakes, bears, mountain lions, and meth-heads are all things I risk encountering. Ran into two of them recently, and evidence of a third.”

      If you have time to shoot a snake, you have time to take two steps back and give the snake it’s space. Bears and mountain lions rarely attack humans but ok I can dig it (although I would carry a large bore handgun over a long gun, but I’m a fan of carrying as little weight as possible).

  9. Outdoor Pro? Food, Water, Shelter, Maps, etc? Looks like someone just went shopping on Amazon and bought whatever popped up. Where’s the baguette cozy and the fleece lined hand cuffs?

  10. One of the best backpacks around +1 for the 5.11, D-ring looks like USMC supply issue. 😛

    Needs more machete!

  11. Nice go see someone else use the pocket ref book. That little thing is amazing, so much useful info.

  12. I want that pulley carabiner. I don’t know what I would do with it, but it’s kinda cool.

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