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Now there’s a gun you don’t see every day…much to the chagrin of Chiappa. In this case, an Italian revolver for an Italian “agricultural entrepreneur.” See all of Gullinbursti EDC gear at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. “Agricultural entrepreneur”, does he grow pot? That’s what it sounds like to me.

      • I dunno jwm. A friend of mine decided to start a side business growing pot for the medical marijuana industry in a state that just legalized it.

        His overhead is low and his profits are about $20K/month at this point. That’s with about ~100 plants. How many other 20-somethings do you know of making that kind of money legally?

        • First of all, congrats to your buddy. I don’t partake but I’m all for legal weed. I also don’t drink or smoke, but that’s a whole other story.

          But weed ain’t legal. Not til the feds say so.

        • It’s not legal, which is why it is as lucrative as illegal behavior; go figure. As if he could make the same growing tea or coffee, which is in far higher demand than cannabis. Hopefully the stuff is legalized so a) his uppins don’t come, and b) so we’ll have those potheads voting Republican for 200 years (to paraphrase that consummate asshole LBJ)

    • My cousin is an Agricultural entrepreneur”. He cleans out turkey and chicken houses and spreads it as fertilizer. He’s paid to clean it up and he’s paid to spread it. And he doesn’t work half spring or any of the summer.

  2. I still chuckle at Hickock45’s review of that thing, he tried so hard to say nice things about it but his hatred for it was plain to see. I still want one, though.

    • Not so much now cause I’m an old fart that doesn’t want to clutter the place up more than it is. But in my younger years I would buy guns that were odd just cause. Not every gun purchase has to be serious in nature.

      I had a real fling with craptastic pocket pistols in my youth. Stuff that was made in Belgium or other places and sold thru Sears catalogs. Folding triggers were a thing.

    • The Leatherman MUT makes up for any shortcomings in the handgun. You just never know when you clear a bolt-hold-open jam in your AR. Especially when you don’t have an AR with you.

      • They should put that hook knife/hammer on everything though. Leathermans have never had a reliable bashing surface.

    • Miculek’s was better; it was really obvious he thought it was an innovative product and quality execution, but was pretty honest about his inability to adapt to such a radically different layout in a revolver at this point in his life. Chiappa had some serious quality issues early on when production moved stateside, but my understanding is the Rhinos are pretty solid in that regard these days. My beef is that MKS Distributing are a somewhat disreputable company for a number of reasons, and that the Rhino’s production quality is not in line with its price. They aren’t garbage, but they aren’t S&W either, despite being priced that way. At $600, they’d sell a million un em, but they won’t/can’t for whatever reason.

  3. “The definition of an optimist is a revolver owner with a speedloader.”
    (It’s not mine, I’ve seen it somewhere on this website.)

  4. Those funny looking guns arent cheap.
    I dont want one but wonder how they shoot??
    Must be one of the only 40S&W available revolvers left.

  5. You call that EDC? You can’t Chris Kyle with a wheel gun! Where’s the CLS bag? Where’s the 40million lumen flashlight? No caltrops or ninja throwing stars either, I am disappoint.

  6. It’s the never before seen backup gun from Blade Runner. (it’s in the reboot) I like it, and if I ever see one on the cheap I’m getting one. Also flat sided barrels are twice as strong as the round ones.

    • Dan Wesson had the right idea, replacement barrels are like $30. The shrouds will run you though, which is the catch. But for a length you already own, shoot your heart out.

  7. I dunno after the M4-22 upper I’d have a hard time carrying a Chiappa with the expectation that my life relied on it. Just saying.

  8. I can’t believe I’m the first to say it, but that is the ugliest pistol I’ve ever seen.

    • You’re not the first to say it just the first to say it here.

      I’d still like to own one – with a longer barrel.

      • The upside is that design allows you to shorten the barrel for an equivalent recoil. What’s the longer barrel going to gain you here vs a traditional design?

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