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Another true pocket gun. Not to mention a neck knife. See Gregory’s gear at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Not to knock anything here based solely on price but when your sunglasses sell on Amazon for considerably more than half of what your piece sells for on GunBroker…. well, you may have some asymmetry that you might want to consider correcting.

    • I can’t say you’re wrong, but here’s my counter argument just for the hell of it: I don’t know how good that Kel-Tec model is these days (maybe it runs like a clock), but I can’t think of any high-end pistols in that format that can really compare on weight and size. The expensive semi-auto pocket pistols tend to be bigger and heavier. The LCP might be a step up, but not a huge bump in price. That format tends to be dominated by low cost pistols. Plus, for style points, nobody is gonna see your budget pistol in your pocket, but they’ll damn sure see your gas station sunglasses if you go that route.

  2. I sympathize with the click bait fatigue these daily dumps can bring (“Wow! Look everyone! Another Glock 19!!!”) but every once in a while a neat bit of kit shows up that I haven’t seen before.

    • Ankle carry beats car carry, when you absolutely need a gun two or three minutes from now….

      When I ankle carry, (which is rare) it’s instead of leaving my piece in the car. Or at home. And in blue jeans, I have been made pocket carrying. Ankle carry is as concealed as concealed can be.

  3. I respect his choice of an eminently-droppable old school ruggedized flip phone. I just got my first smart phone six months ago, after 20+ years of flip phones. Prior to that I had a flip phone that had been dropped enough times over a few years to destroy several smart phones, and it still worked like a charm. I’ve had flip phones that survived a trip through the washing machine in a pants pocket, after a careful drying. In the end, I relented due to the flood of social media files I kept getting that mine old unsmart phone couldn’t open, and would occasionally choke on while trying.

    Now I’m a convert. I couldn’t go back. Still, I raise my glass to the hold-outs.

  4. That looks like the p 3at which is as big as I would ever want to ankle carry, my question, with no disrespect meant, is where is wearing a neck knife appropriate but you have to deep conceal in an ankle holster?

  5. It’s like a pocket dump from 2001 with that clamshell phone. The days when phones just made phone calls and an occasional text.

  6. I still carry a P32 with the Buffalo Bore +P 75 gr. hardcast flat point. How quickly most folk forget the long waiting list of a worthy back up piece. I carry it in a pocket holster and forget sometimes it is in there.

    • I used to carry one of those, but the last time I took it to the range it had a catastrophic malfunction. It looks like the trigger broke, a piece of it jammed the slide open slightly, it fired out of battery and stretched the frame rails. I bought it used, so the warranty won’t cover it.

      If you need a couple spare mags, let me know. I also have a crimson trace for it I’ll sell somebody for cheap.

  7. I have sunglasses that cost more then many good guns, shoes too, and watches that cost more the then the average gun owners whole collection, my pocket knife of the day generally costs more then a Glock ( well I pay blue label prices). Not sure I get your point .


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