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A person’t EDC choices can tell you a lot about what they think it’s important to prepare for. No Field Notes or Burt’s Bees for Garrett. See the details of what he’s chosen to tote at Everyday Carry . . .


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  1. I don’t get why people get so upset by the field notes. It’s a great little product that lets you keep notes somewhere other than your phone. I have one of those notebooks stuffed in the admin pouch of my plate carrier along with some pens and a multitool.

    • I have heard that the company owner/founder is rabidly anti 2A. Not sure if that’s true but it has been posted quite a bit recently.

      • Things Aaron hates, from his web site, include:
        The farce Presidency of that goddamned George Bush.
        Republican NeoCons.
        Tom DeLay.
        Rush Limbaugh anything.
        The Tea Party.
        Michele Bachman, that hateful beast of a woman.
        Karl Rove’s snide smile.
        Anything Rick Santorum.

        He wisely left politicians out of the 167 things he loves list, and left guns and NRA off the things he hates list.

    • Probably because most of us don’t operate with plate carriers. Seriously. I hope I’m never at the point that I purchase a plate carrier.

      • I use mine for competitions and classes. It’s a great way to take notes during instruction periods. Honestly, if I’m ever in a situation where using my rifle becomes necessary, you’d better believe I’d want to be in full battle rattle. Given that, it makes sense to train how you fight.

      • A plate carrier belongs in a trunk and/or in your bedroom closet. In pretty much any other situation besides a shtf scenario or a home invasion, a battle belt, chest rig, or simple mag-holsters is better. No reason to wear a kevlar helmet either unless you’re going to war.

    • I don’t think people are “upset” by Field Notes they’re just making fun of it.

      Having a “Field Notes” notebook comes with a certain stigma because it’s basically asking for attention/a signal to certain people. It’s tiny little voice crying out to people who know what that notebook is and saying “My owner operates so fucking hard!”.

      Also, it’s like $10 for a three pack of them when you get get basically the same thing from Office Depot for $0.99 each in a form that doesn’t have the “tacticool” stigma attached to it. No stigma and almost 70% off.

      I view it like the people who change out the out their dust cover to something that says “You’re Fucked” or “Pew Pew” or “Infidel”. I pretty much look at that kind of expenditure for a “style” and think to myself “Wow, B.T. Barnum was right”. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with what they’re doing I just think it’s silly to pay more for something that doesn’t really add any functionality to… anything.

        • I’m working on losing the 20lbs of lard right now, maybe after that we can talk about carrying around a hunk of steel…. or just avoiding places that might require rifle armor.

        • Yeah… The problem is that a lot of the time, the place chooses you, not the other way around. In a Katrina situation, you bet your ass I’ll be fully kitted out.

  2. Having rolled around with way too much mandated gear, I am now a minimalist just because I was sick of carrying so much crap. I do carry one non-lethal, which I don’t see in most of the pocket dumps….

    • High churn rate on the admin floor makes boxes of no-longer-accurate/employed business cards an abundant commodity here.

      A few at a time fit well in a T-shirt pocket and are also handy to keep in the tool bag for layout shims or other spacers.


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