Dennis works as a corrections officer. We’re guessing he doesn’t carry all this while on the job, but with the Streamtlight-eqipped G19 and the ZT blade, he’d be well fixed if he did. You can get the lowdown on the rest of his EDC gear at Everyday Carry.


    • Dude!

      That Chapstick is in an Operator’s Tactical Chapstick holster!

      That’s how all the Operators Operate Optimally…

  1. Is this a popular feature? It seems a bit repetitious to me. I have seen a Glock 19, folding knife, extra mag and a cellphone before, I think.

  2. I worked corrections, at the Iowa State Pen., and the only thing I could bring in was a leather belt, wallet, car keys, ink pen, keyholder ( 2 ), glasses , ( reading &sun ), and state ID. We of course wore a uniform, a food wear. All weapons used by officers were picked up outside of the prison walls.


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