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Dee’s gear is simple, functional and eminently pocketable. See it all at Everyday Carry . . .

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    • i saw that as well. hope he wears gloves while carrying, that will at least stop his hand from getting burned LOL

    • “Dee’s pistol is also not in battery.”

      It’s also in *pristine* condition.

      I’m guessing Dee doesn’t carry all that often, or it’s a new gun…

      • Yeah, but how is it staying in that out-of-battery condition (why is the slide back only that little and why does the slide return spring not close the breech)?

      • “When is TTAG going to fix the required fields?”

        Yeah, seriously. I’ve cleared cookies to the end of time.

        This is getting tedious, even with auto-complete…

  1. Ugh. Those flashlights.

    Sorry to bag on your kit, Dee, but those low power, over-sized, lensatic lights are trash.

    Guess I’m a lumen snob.

  2. Smith and Wesson Shield
    The model with the safety
    Solid choice for concealed carry
    A very popular, striker fired, polymer handgun
    I want one as I don’t have any polymer guns!

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