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Correctional officer David likes his gear in basic black. And there aren’t many better carry options than the 9mm Smith & Wesson Shield. Check out everything David carries at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Wow! it seems a majority of these feature a S&W shield. Perhaps I need to go to my local gun store and see what the hype is all about?

  2. What, no field notes?
    The S and W Shield certainly seems to be the most popular gun on this series
    My coworker has one and it is certainly slim and a nice shooting gun
    The price is right, too

    • The shield was my first gun. Still have it and use it as one of my carry guns. No complaints.

  3. I carry a Shield also, but I prefer the .40 over the .9mm. Its only 1 less round per mag, everything else is basically the same. Its very slim which I like because it doesn’t print as easily as a thicker firearm.

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