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It should probably come as no surprise that Dara Holster’s marketing maven totes his her big Walther PPX in a…wait for it…Dara Holster. No clue how he she carries that Beretta Jetfire, but we’d guess it’s pocketed in something discreet. You can check out the rest of this gear at Everyday Carry.

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  1. Really like the Dara Holsters, have 6 of them myself. IWB, OWB for Glock and Shield (EDC) and Range Holster. One outfitted for Veridian Green Laser.

  2. Finally, some one else carries a jet fire too. It aint much but its allways in my back pocket behind the billfold

    • I picked up a Tomcat Inox in .32 ACP for 200 bucks. It’s for when I’m feeling super lazy and want to pocket carry

    • Someone else who carries a Jetfire, & with the nice wood grips, too! I carry mine in a 1950’s billfold holster. You can fire it in the holster but it’s best to draw first. Nine pills always ready to go.

  3. I EDC a CRKT Achi and love it. I carry it slipped inside my waistband on my left, with my Glock 43 in a MIC holster on my right. They deploy remarkably similar.

  4. I’ve been using Dara holsters nearly exclusively for (I want to say) 2-3 years now. I absolutely love them. They have me as a loyal customer and I love that I am able to find them in shop here in N.C.

  5. These pocket dump/EDC things are absurd. I wish someone would just show the pile of crap they take out of their pockets all piled on top of each other like it is at the end of every day. Nobody arranges their BS like that.

    Also, seriously, are you going in a war zone? The mission for civilians and door kickers is markedly different. If that stuff is legitimately a “need” each day then you need to re-evaluate your life decisions. I get the whole “insurance policy” bit, but I also look at facts and figures on violent crime rate and balance my load out against that risk. If my city has a 1.4% violent crime rate (the chance I’ll likely encounter the need to employ deadly force), and Google tells me that of defensive gun uses, 76% do not involve firing a gun, that lowers the risk of me actually being in a gun fight to .34%. Now cross reference that with the fact that most aggravated assualt cases are the result of road rage, robbery, or pride and I decide myself to be respectful and not let shifty ne’erdowells within arms reach my chances drop even further.

    Now balance the fact most Timmy types can barely clear a cover garment and get a round on target in less than 2 seconds and hit what they’re aiming at, it really does approach asinine.

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