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Texan Danny keeps it simple with a compact, IWB-carried SIG P938, a perfect choice as the wether heats up in the Lone Star State. See what else he’s packing at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. The P938 is incredibly nice to shoot and accurate for such a small pistol, one of the very best subcompact if you don’t mind the thumb safety and single action mechanism.

  2. Another vote for the 938 as an every day carry gun
    It’s so accurate and fun to shoot it does double duty as a target pistol
    I cut the notch needed in some Sig 290 magazines, and now I have eight round magazines that work perfectly in the 938
    I Have the Crimson trace laser grips on mine and they turn you into superman !

    • 290 you say. shut the front door. research ensues.

      worth mentioning: the .22 kits are a lot of fun for these- sig puts them on sale from time to time. standard and “target” (’bout an inch longer) lengths.


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