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As Daniel writes, “I’m a Noob at EDC, but with the help of others and their pictures on this site I cobbled this together over 4 months.” See everything at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. I really don’t get the Field Notes thing. What are people writing down in those trendy little pads? Why are they “tactical” or part of “being prepared?”

    • “What are people writing down in those trendy little pads?”

      Have you ever run into an old lust (who still looks good) who pointedly suggested you to give her a call sometime?

      *wink-wink, nudge-nudge*

      • That’s a damn fine point Geoff.

        While “Field Notes” pads may be trendy there are about a zillion reasons to have a writing instrument and paper handy, most of which come back to the singular point of remembering something you might otherwise forget. Some hotty’s number falls into that category.

        • Use some common sense if you do.

          One trick I use is to make up a bogus mailing address but munge the number by adding 5 to each digit so a local number doesn’t suddenly ‘pop out’ if someone else (spouse) happens to see it…

    • He uses the D-ring (carabiner) to hold his pistol to his belt. Better than a holster. Just clip the D to your belt, then clip the D to the trigger guard. Works with AR15s as well.

      You should try it sometime. Works great. Until it doesn’t.

  2. A nice knife at a reasonable price.

    I do have to wonder what the purpose is of carrying around a 1 ounce silver coin though. Ah well, to each their own… something about smooching bovine creatures.

    • I think that dollar-shaped item might be some sort of thing that blocks fraudsters from getting your credit card info through some sort of new-fangled method. I’m not a kid so I can’t specify the technique but I heard that people now carry something to block their cards being scanned (or whatever the word is).

      • All I know is that it’s listed as a “Sunshine Minting One Troy Ounce Silver Round” and there are far, far cheaper ways to block RFID theft.

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