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Craig says, “this is CZs second foray into the handgun striker fired world. The first, CZ100, was an abysmal failure. This time, they essentially took the Glock design and actually made it perfection.” See the other perfect gear he’s carrying at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. I want a P10C so bad but they’re nowhere to be seen locally. 🙁

    (I could always have one shipped to my local Cabelas but I’d rather support my local gun dealers.)

    • I see one every day when I open my safe. 😀

      I think I’ve spent more time filing down the sharp corners on the aggressive grip pattern than I have shooting it.

      • Honestly I’m a big fan of the Glock Gen 4 grip pattern so if it’s anything like that I’d actually like it more, lol.

        • It’s a little more coarse than the Gen 4 pattern. Everything about this gun screams “Glock, only perfected”

    • I just had to order one and ship it to my FFL. I went back to the store for weeks and they only had one since it came out. It’s a great pistol and awesome to shoot. Although my friends dad had an issue with his. I talked him into buying one and not he has to send it to CZ-USA for repair.

      • Did they say what was wrong with it? Unfortunately they’re rare enough that I don’t see many posts about problems so I have no idea if it’s common or not.

  2. The P10C is the most overhyped gun in a long time. It is literally the only new striker fired gun I’ve shot and went “meh, I’ll stick with my Glock 19.”

  3. You know I love CZ but I am still NOT interested in DAO pistols any more than I’m interested in 9mm. Rather spend my money on ammo to get better with the guns I have instead of wasting my money on this years version of the iGun.


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