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As the colonel writes,  :This is my usual EDC along with my 5.11 tactical cargo pants. I live in KS and also in MO. Both states do not require a CCL, however I am in the process of getting my KS CCL. Also I am member of the NRA and USCCA. I plan on becoming a Certified CCL instructor and am in the process of getting my FFL as well.” See all of his gear at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Not carrying a primary and secondary with interchangeable mags. Throwing a nod to the start of baseball season, this is like class A ball on an independant team kind of EDC.

    • I don’t get sports metaphors but for most people a NY reload is the point of a secondary. Reloading in a DGU is a unicorn.

  2. So it’s the EDC in KS and MO with no CCL for the NRA and USCCA future CCL instructor who’s getting his FFL?

    Well, OK. TTFN.

  3. Shit knife, no multi-tool/light/fire source.
    No 1st aid, not even a handkerchief, uber-douche watch.
    2 pistols though,
    Right… There is a good reason good captains stay captains and shit ones go major (and the mediocre make colonel)
    Then again maybe he’s OAF and got a retirement promo, whatever way, good on him for at least carrying.

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