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LJY’s everydaycarry.com pocket dump features not one but two clips (excluding the ammunition magazine, which isn’t a clip). A carbon fiber RFID blocking HuMn wallet with a clip and a holster clip thingie. Make that one clip; the wallet holds cash with a band not a clip. As for the holster clip . . .

I’m not using a holster that doesn’t look like  . . . a holster.

Don’t get me wrong: when it comes to everyday carry, I understand the minimalistic urge. Every now and then I carry a Ruger LCP II rather than my Wilson Combat EDC X9.  Sometimes less is more, more or less.

But there is a limit beyond which it’s not safe to go. No?

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  1. What? I have that exact same holster from Bravo Concealment and the trigger is completely encapsulated. It even has good retention compared to other Kydex IWBs.

  2. I have that same holster for the Glock 19. It’s covered on both sides.

    RF may need to go back and edit his copy. 🙂

  3. +1 on covering the trigger guard, though this one looks covered to my non-expert eyes.

    True story about clip draws:
    I had the oportunity to treat my older brother’s leg from a negligent discharge this past summer: He was pulling up his drawers after using the toilet when his xd mod 2.0 sub compact 9mm carried hot with a clip draw went off. The winchester white box 115 gr fmj entered his calf and stopped just inside the skin in his foot. I applied a shoelace tournequit (sp?) above the knee and applied pressure to the wound. His wife called 911. He almost has all of the feeling back in his foot now.

    Morals of the story:
    1. even seemingly smart and successful people can make stupid holster choices. Don’t be one of them.
    2. Be lucky. Like all of us, my brother always carries good self defense ammo. Somehow, a lowly fmj snuck into his mag and rose to the top of a stack of corbons. True story. I cleared the gun myself when arriving on scene.
    3. Pray to all that is holy that your younger brother isn’t your first responder. If he is like me, you won’t ever live it down.

      • And que another Internet rehash; where do you plan on putting it until you are buttoned, zipped & rebuckled?
        A) balanced on the toilet valve
        B) perched on the tp dispenser
        C) hung by the trigger guard off the coat hook
        D) nestled in ball hammock of your drawers
        E) laid on the deck for all to see

        Take your best option…

        • “Take your best option…”

          Try the option you neglected to mention, option F) –

          Wear a stainless dogtag chain around you neck. Take it off your head, loop the chain through your triggerguard, re-hang chain with gun around your neck.

          Reverse when finished…

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