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Cameron doesn’t seem to leave much to chance. He carries gear that will do everything from preventing chapped lips to sparking a fire to quoting the Bill of Rights, chapter and verse. See everything at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. I don’t know anyone who carries “field notes,” but apparently there are quite a few who will break it out to post a pic on the internet. I used to carry a notepad long before “field notes” were cool…and they did not look anything like that after some time in the back pocket. Which takes me to…are these guys actually carrying all this crap on their person every day?

    • I too carry a back pocket notepad and the key is you have to find one with a plastic front and rear sheet so that they don’t tear free after riding and being sat on etc. Ideally also one with enough room to hold a stubbie pen in the coil.

    • I think people also use fanny packs/backpacks. Personally my edc changes drastically between work, outdoor stuff and casually being around the house.

    • You beat me to it!… Does he actually carry the gloves everywhere he goes too?
      And who even needs to write notes these days with all phones supporting apps for that. Or just take a picture.

      • In his defense, my mama told me to always protect my hands. And the older I get, the wiser that seems.

  2. I’m a big fan of carrying the compact S&W with its proper magazine for best concealment, but carrying a full-size mag with x-grip as the spare. If the time comes that the spare mag is needed, small size and concealment is no longer a factor, and the extra ammo is appreciated. So is the added stability of the extended grip.

    • I take the same approach with a G26 — standard 10-round mag while carrying, backup is a G19 mag (15) with an X-grip.

  3. Some of these “pocket” dumps crack me up. They “carry” almost as much stuff as someone in the miiltary does in the field but are doing it without a LBE/LBV/IOTV? Yeah right…This one isn’t too bad but some of the others would need a rucksack to carry all that junk. I guess “field notes” is the new have to have tacticool accessory too?

    • I always look for the wear, you carry stuff, it gets worn. I don’t doubt pocket dumps automatically because of the amount of stuff though. I carry more stuff than this guy, a lot more, every day. No ruck needed, however, my kit does require 2 holsters, 2 mag carriers, 3 pants pockets and a coat or jacket with at least 4 pockets, and occupies my waist, shoulders, one wrist and one ankle. Don’t doubt the gear centric, it’s astounding how much stuff some people carry. I’m on the bottom edge of what I woukd call extreme, bearing about 8% of my body weight in clothing, weapons and gear. EDC.
      Then again, where you live and what you do changes extreme to normal from person to person.

  4. I guess I’m going to have to keep spreading the bad news on Field Notes. They were designed by Aaron Draplin, a man who actively bashes gun owners. I’ve seen this first hand at one of his presentations in 2015. It angered me listening to this guy smear gun owners. What’s worse is to see so many gun owners proudly support him.

    Please people, quit giving your money to a man who thinks you’re a mouth-breathing warmonger. There’s better alternatives to Filed Notes as long as you’re OK not looking like a hipster.

  5. I always get a kick out of the desk jockeys that seem offended by how much somehow who might actually work for a living carry on their person.

    Mini composition notebooks are cheaper and fit in a shirt pocket, btw.

    • Hey now, I’m an office rat… with an impressive loadout. Honestly, I wonder how much of it is a rural versus urban thing. I live in a largely rural community, and people carry a lot of stuff with with them. I think it’s partly necessity and partly mind set. Out here, people tend do fend and do for themselves quite a bit.
      Like I said, I’m an office worker, partly, and partly on the road all over this largely, mostly rural county. In the evenings I’m in business for myself reconditioning furniture, and on the weekends I’m caring for our house and 14 acres. That’s a lot of different jobs, and lots of different stuff to carry.
      Then again, I’m a little on the heavy side gear wise: 2 guns, 2 spare mags, a stout knife and a flashlight, plus all the other stuff a man might carry, if that man had a penchant for carrying a lot of stuff.
      I think though, that rural people have more roles to fill, and more hands on stuff to do and deal with on a regular basis than do urban dwellers, and I think reality, and the independent, DIY attitude it breeds both play into rural people carrying more stuff.

      • I don’t think it’s urban vs rural or white vs blue collar.

        I personally think 95% of the complaints are from people who are lazy and prioritize immediate comfort over anything else.

        The field notes fad is a touch annoying though. Memo and other small notebooks are just as good and usually quite a bit cheaper.

        • I take the opposite approach, most field notes have tough exteriors but the paper isn’t that great (other then the orange/survivor kind. Rite in the rain has awesome paper but they do cost more.

  6. When a man packs Gerber OHT, Gerber knife with p.o.s. lock, and tops it off with tan Mechanix…well, those are his choices, but I really fail to see the reason behind carrying almost 200$ survival bracelet (which will probably never be used other than for show), yet sticking to mediocre knife.


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