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As our friend from across the pond says, “It’s nice to keep things simple in the Texas heat! The SIG SAUER P938 conceals very well and with the two extended magazines, 14 rounds plus the one in the chamber should be more than enough….” See what he’s chosen at Everyday Carry . . .


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  1. I’m glad that our British friend is able to carry in Texas. It is too bad that the UK doesn’t have similar gun laws to Texas. The UK would be a much better country if they did.

    Also, a 1911 style pistol carried cocked-and-locked doesn’t seem “simple” to me. Anything with a safety seems a little complicated for my CCW tastes (just a preference). Simple is a J-frame revolver in a pocket holster.

    • Thanks Art. I had made up my mind to purchase a single stack 9mm (I had a bunch of ammo and didn’t want to have too many calibers to keep in stock) for EDC and tried a whole bunch out at the local range, including Glock’s, the M&P etc etc but just found I shot the Sig more accurately. Plus, I just preferred the feel of a ‘proper’ gun with a hammer. That might be something to do with the CZ’s that I am familiar with…… Yes, the safety is one more thing to think about but to my mind, the fact that you’re allowed to carry (go USA!!!!) focuses the mind wonderfully. People seem to have managed carrying firearms with safeties for many years so hopefully it’s not something too controversial……

      Having said that, I do love revolvers and one (along with a lever rifle in matching caliber) is on my wish list!!!

      • The P938 is a great gun, and 9mm is an affordable, plus effective caliber. I think you made a great choice. I’d love to get a P938. Some sort of pocket nine ranks high on my “to buy” list.

        By the way, a lever action is also on the short list of firearms that I would like to buy.

      • Derp, there’s one in the gun.

        Using my phone and idling away time right now so I wasn’t paying much attention I guess. For some reason after the Bronco’s game yesterday 2/3rds of people decided to not leave the house today. I’m guessing it has something to do with the booze-flu.

        Also, I almost never read what people say, I just use the link to EDC to see exactly what they’re carrying.

        • You don’t have to comment at all. I choose to do what I choose to do. I choose to while away my down time here. Perhaps one day I will grow bored of such idle pleasures. At this point I have not.

          You can either deal with that or, as far as I’m concerned, you can eat a giant bag of dicks. Your choice. Now run along. Oh, I’m sorry, let me rephrase: go fuck yourself.

    • So far so good with the Remora, the gun stays put until required so no complaints. I’m pretty new to carrying but have had many years of shooting (yes, even in the UK although 12 gauge only) and am very grateful for this great country and the freedoms and responsibilities that we have. I wish everyone else felt the same way though!

  2. Nice + Simple = Gooood

    “My brother from a different mother.”

    My EDCK is a CRKT; pen, a Mossberg.
    Otherwise, good to go…

  3. That’s Sig 938 is a nice gun!
    There are a whole bunch of different models all based on cosmetic differences
    I like the all black one named “nightmare”
    They have had some problems with the magazines dropping out.
    Sig has a fix with an extra strong spring in the magazine latch
    Just send it in they pay shipping both ways and they will install the new latch for free
    As a 1911 type, there are all sorts of carry modes, including cocked and locked, empty chamber and full chamber, hammer down
    It is the exact same size as the Walther PPK/s and Bersa Thunder yet is 9 mm
    I alternate between all 3 of these in a sticky holster AIWB or in a pocket
    I carry Israeli style and pocket draw slows you down another 2 seconds
    Yet It sure is convenient so you always have a gun with you

    • Isn’t carrying a 1911 hammer down a bit dangerous? I’m not criticizing your choice, but that’s what I’ve always been told.

        • The 938 does have a transfer bar, at least my gunsmith told me as much.. It is a little modified from a true 1911 there is no grip safety.

        • Series 80 and onwards 1911s do in fact have a firing pin block. The 938 also has a firing pin block although it’s a fairly different mechanism.

    • The P938 is a great shooter and I have had no problems with mine. It’s a shame that there have been a few instances of things going wrong with some of them, for example the two piece guide rod coming apart is something that I have heard of happening to some of the earlier ones.

      I am quite ‘fanatical’ about maintaining things that I own so will never neglect any of my firearms, hopefully that will reduce the likelihood of any problems……

  4. Well hell, if they’ll let a Brit in Texas, I sure hope they’ll let my ass in when this whole thing goes to pot and we’re breaking out the flutes and triangle hats again. Will be good to fight with a Brit this time around, instead of against.

  5. Any EDC that doesn’t include a Ruger is just a poser (some sympathy for Glock).

    Get a Ruger… don’t be a poser.

  6. Nothing wrong with cocked and locked 1911 first carried in military now Colt Commander never had it go off unitentional discharge


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