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Ah, the solid reliability of a good wheel gun. And few are more solid or reliable than a Ruger SP101. See everything Bret’s packing at Everyday Carry . . .

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    • Looks like a multifunction screwdriver/prybar/brass knuckle. Guy must get into a lot of fights to carry a tool like that.

      I used to be into all those fancy new tools, but now I just carry a Leatherman. It works.

      • I too just have a Leatherman for a knife. Are people who have been in civilian type self defense situations finding that they have to go to a fighting knife (because gun failure or inaccessibility or something) a lot? If I was going to carry a fighting knife I imagine something like a K-Bar or Bowie or Fairbairn–Sykes would have more appeal than these short little things we keep seeing.

        • Big knives aren’t necessarily the best knives for a random encounter on the street…… smaller knives are lighter, more concealable and easier to use in close quarters…… my Spyderco Manix 2 fits the bill perfectly, light and compact, but with a razor sharp blade that’s big enough to inflict major damage…..a Bradford guardian would be a good choice in a fixed blade of the same general size……… if I was gonna carry a big blade, it would be generally for hunting or camping……. outside of the southern comfort, theres very little in the way of comfortable EDC sheaths for big fixed blades, which is a large strike against EDC’ing them……. If I was gong to carry one, it would be either a Cold Steel Laredo, Fallkniven Thor, or something custom made…..

        • I still have the Leatherman Crunch vicegrips that I traded a Gerber for when our S4 supply NCOIC came up short on an inventory. That was back in ’04. It’s since seen a lot of hard use, been submerged, reanimated, run over, and still works fine.

          I also still carry my OKC Airforce survival knife, which I traded a spare gore-tex jacket for from an itinerant airman. I like it because it’s shorter and handier than a K-Bar, is faster than a folder, will readily cut through 3″ hydraulic hose/rawhide/jute, and maintains a working edge like a champ.

          The only other blade I carry is a little 2.5″ kerambit folder I picked up for $5 at a flea market. It comes in handy daily for opening boxes or slicing cords… and in a strict no-guns workplace, it would be far more useful than a stapler, fire extinguisher, or chair.

    • It’s called a Karambit. Really awesome in your off-hand (left hand) as a defensive weapon. Unfortunately, they are pretty much illegal in PA with our goofy knife laws, so I just stick with guns 🙂 – and a multi-tool/knife.

      • The karambit’s in there, but it’s on the other side of the folder (between the gun and folder). He’s asking about the rectangular thing.

    • A knuckle, like a brassknuckle, except those are usually illegal in many places… while a fist pack or a “survival tool” isn’t. Its just a cheeky way of getting around unconstitutional laws.

  1. Long live the wheelgun!
    But… two knives and no speedloader/speed strip.
    Ah, well… extra point recovered for packing a Ruger.

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