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What does a firefighter carry when he’s out and about running errands with the wife? How about a Springfield XS-S .45 in a Bladetech IWB holster to start? Check out the rest of Badgerman’s gear at Everyday Carry . . .



  1. Motherfucking foreign object inside the trigger guard again for no god damn reason! Stop that shit you stupid assholes!

    1. avatar Badgerman says:

      Really I’m stupid? Ok, how about get life! Go to a gun show, go to GunBroker, and you will find this is a good way to photograph a handgun with depth. I hope you find a nice “Safe Place Troll”.

      1. avatar Badgerman says:

        By the way, it not forgein it’s a pen I’m very familiar with. LMOA. Also, hmm look at the decocked trigger dude.

      2. I knew it! Because Gun Broker does it all you brainless fucks have to do it. At least you admitted it. BTW. A foreign object is anything that doesn’t belong there. Not an unidentified object. Like that gerbil in your ass is a foreign object but we all know it is a gerbil.

    2. avatar Aaron says:

      Jesus Michael, switch to “motherfucking” decaf anf STFU.

      1. Yeah that was over the top but After 7,453 pictures of guns lying on a table with a magic marker or some other object placed in the trigger guard, I had enough. It’s my calling at this point I guess. The worst part. nobody but I point out the hypocrisy of complaining about trigger discipline when holding a gun just to ignore pictures where a shotgun shell or another object is pressing against the trigger.
        Oh. and the culprits always claim that it enhances the photogenic quality of the pistol…when it doesn’t. It’s just a copy cat approach by people who have less creativity than I have in my last toenail clipping.
        Pro tip: If you are photographing a gun from an overhead shot, lay that motherfucker flat on the table. It looks fine. It’s a fucking gun. Not an Israeli supermodel.

    1. avatar Badgerman says:

      Make sure you dull your knives to the point it won’t cut you. Make sure you don’t lick your envelopes because you might a get your tongue cut. I personally ensured I followed all four rules of gun safety, oh wait you weren’t at my residence when I did this almost a month ago. I suppose you don’t want me to sharpen my axe, or make sure my chain saw in is not in proper maintencene when my brothers save you. You are the people that actually makes me gloat, and that I voted for President Elect Trump, and love this nation.

      1. The safety aspect is not my concern. I get tired of the guys complaining about fingers on triggers in photos too but I was pointing out that the same guys say nothing about pictures of guns with shit crammed in the trigger guard.
        My point is that whatever artistic value is attained by propping up the gun is diminished with a Sharpie sticking out and taking all the focus of the subject. It’s amateurish and stupid looking. My main beef is the popularity of this useless technique.

      2. avatar Badgerman says:

        Lol, darn and I thought the harshest comment was that I wasn’t an operator operatorating operationally because I didn’t have field notes.

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