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We dig Taylor’s bento box aesthetic. His gear choices aren’t bad either. Hard to go wrong with a Ruger LC9s Pro for concealability and comfort. See what else Taylor has stowed in his Everyday Carry box below . . .

  1. Black leatherman wave
  2. Black Fisher Space Pen with clip
  3. Bushnell 325 lumen flashlight 
  4. Ray Ban folding Wayfarers 
  5. Gerber shard
  6. Brass zippo
  7. Black Fossil chronograph 
  8. Ka-bar folding TDI
  9. Jim Dunlop Jazz III
  10. Ka-bar large TDI
  11. Nite-ize S-biner
  12. Burt’s Bees beeswax lip balm
  13. Homemade leather toothpick holder
  14. Homemade 9mm/par accord bracelet 
  15. Captain Spaulding hank
  16. American Spirits Turquoise 
  17. Ruger LC9S Pro with 7 round magazine 
  18. 9 round magazine 
  19. Brass money clip

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  1. That’s a lot of stuff. Not judging, mind you.

    But where do you carry that box?

    And how do you stow the LC9s?

  2. Is that a wooden box full of tactical crap in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

    • Is that a wooden box full of tactical crap in your pocket, or are you just unhappy to be carrying around a wooden box full of tactical crap?

  3. I’ve thought that about alot of these guys, how do they keep there pants up when there pockets are holding 7 pounds of shit….

    I know some people have commented they don’t like these, or thy come too often, I luv them, I’m always lookin for new gear…

    • Ka-Bar TDI.

      It’s number 10 on the list.

      More power to him, but the angle of both of his blades looks really awkward. Like, “Oops, I just sliced open my side drawing my knife because the blade’s relation to the handle is way different than all the other blades I’ve been handling for 30 years!” awkward.

      • It’s designed to be like a push dagger and a karambit had a baby.

        In some circles they’re called “last ditch” knives for cops. If they’ve lost everything else, can’t grab anything else or are undercover they pull this and throw what seem like punches, but they poke big holes in people AND they can still use it as a slashing weapon which you can’t really do with a push dagger.

        If you look at most “last ditch” knives, they’re one use or the other. Something like a Browning Black Label Tracer Neck Knife ( is really only effective for stabbing. Something like a Dark Ops Vendetta ( is more meant for slashing, but can be used for upward stabbing if things are right.

        This knife is meant to bridge the gap while, like the Vendetta, being hard to lose your grip on. This means it’s harder to have the knife knocked out of your grip but also harder to have you hand slide up on to the blade if you hit something hard like a belt buckle or bone.

        The sheaths for them are designed for the type of draw you use to pull the knife and to keep them quite low profile.

        Owning all three, plus others, I’d say this is a fantastic knife for what’s it’s meant to do. It’s more comfortable to wield than the Vendetta or the Tracer, much smaller than most knives of it’s kind (combat being what it’s meant for), not a folder, easy to hold on to even if your hands get covered in blood, difficult to knock out of your hand and more concealable as something like a Black Label “Fear Factor” karambit.

        It’s one of the best “pull, poke and slash” knives I’ve seen and at like $40 isn’t pricey like my personal favorite carry knife for PD, the Benchmade SOCP dagger.

        Yeah, I own WAAAAAAYYYYY too many knives.

  4. KA-BAR has a version of that knife called the TDI Hinderance ($70 on Amazon) that comes with a thumb-activated locking sheath. Seems like that might be a good idea if you were going to open carry one, which would be my only legal option for a fixed blade knife with our dumb Virginia laws.

    I found a review of the regular TDI knife ( ) where they consider it unsafe for use by law enforcement with the standard non-locking sheath. The way the cop in the lead photo is carrying it, it is in a good position for a perp to grab it when face to face with the officer, and they list an incident where that happened and the cop got slashed in the neck.

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