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Will wrights: “My job frequently requires me to wear a suit and these items suit me better then (pun intended). I have to leave the Spyderco out, it’s heavier than you might expect. Left out of the picture is a Nokia 620, also better suited to carry in small pockets than my Blu Advance 5.0.┬áThe TCP is likely a temporary substitute for the LCP, but it’s growing on me fast while I wait on my LCP to return. Due to the similarity of manual of arms it’s taken basically no training to switch over to it.” See it all at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. I’ve never thought to carry my Hi-Point tool around for anything but working on Hi-Points but I suppose it WOULD do pretty well for other projects.

  2. Is that a carbon fiber TCP? Never seen one in the flesh. Hey wha’ happened yesterday when I tried to comment on the revolver guy?

  3. Out of curiosity, where the HELL do you people keep all this stuff? My pockets have a hard enough time just dealing with of a wallet, phone, and keys (the cz 75 RAMI doesn’t give me much guff though)

  4. Hey, I actually have one of those 11 in 1 credit card survival tool dinguses! Have to confess I’ve never actually used it…but it is a nifty little hunk of steel, and you never know when you might need to skin an elk on the spur of the moment with only the contents of your wallet.

  5. revolver guy

    Happened to me too. Revolver Guy had a classy set up and I would have told him as much but commenting was messed up in that thread.

    • So-I WASN’T hallucinating…I was commenting I’d want more than 5-6 shots but when you need a gun:(like in a bar at 2AM…)

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