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Yesterday we saw what Dom carries himself. Today, we’re treated to what he totes in an EDC pack he keeps with him, too. As he says, it’s an “8 year old literal EDC pack that has never let me down. It remains strong and sturdy despite heavy use and abuse including everything from bullet holes to school books/laptops to five day backpacking trips.” See everything he’s packing at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. A dime store notepad? No field notes? Bro, you ain’t even operating.

    Is the “required fields” bullshit the new normal at ttag?

    • Lighten up, he spilled kool-aide on it, okay?

      But I also notice from the description that the bags contents changes according to the situation so… was this arrangement put together strictly for our benefit or is this a serious depiction of his Every Day Carry?
      I have much more respect for an honest pocket dump than I do for someone simply showing off his neatest toys.

      • It’s a joke. Kinda.

        I’ve got a bunch of bags that size and I carry a backpack pretty much all day, every day. I find that it strains credulity that he can fit everything in the picture in that bag. So I expect he’s showing mutliple loadouts at the same time.

        I’d also like to know, other than intentional tomfuckery, how your EDC bag gets bullet holes in it. Oh, and while we’re at it, I’d love to know what sort of packing skills he has to make the contents of a day pack last for a five day hiking trip without consistent reups. Five days is usually gonna be at least a 30L pack, realistically more like a 50-60L.

        Simply put I smell shananigans on multiple levels.

        • As is the case of >90% of theses dumps, this picture ends up on Instagram so he or she looks cool and gets followers.
          I carry a back pack too but I have nothing close to this. A few things that I know will keep me safe and a few things medical.
          Maybe the bullet holes were intentionally put there. Is that the new operator status?
          I walked with my backpack around Detroit and never got bullet holes in it. Maybe I was doing something wrong.
          I smell shenanigans also.

  2. I have a day pack that goes everywhere with me.
    IFAK with tq, celox and a penny cutter, a small pouch with misc emergency stuff ( micro flashlight, 40′ technora, a mini Leatherman, P51 opener, razor blade, zip ties, cheap liquid filled compass, fire starter and char cloth all of which fits in an altoids can) 2 spare mags, pair of cheap FRS radios, mini binoculars, sunblock, hat, mechanix gloves, beer coozie, misc daily meds and inhaler, a Kindle White and battery charger for my phone.
    fits in a grey ghost stealth pack.

    It’s my woobie.

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