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Many pro-gun supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump — a man who was down with the federal “assault weapons” ban and currently loves him some “No Fly, No Buy”  legislation — take heart from the fact that his son Eric is a yuge Second Amendment guy. That he is.

A prize trophy hunter once targeted for criticism by animal activists, he is an unabashed supporter of Second Amendment gun rights and credits his love of sports shooting from keeping him as a teen from falling prey to the ills that can afflict other young rich kids.

“People often ask me, ‘Eric, I see so many people of your generation, and so many people that you went to school with that went a very, very different track than you in life.’ They got caught with substance abuse problems, they got caught with drug problems, they went to rehab and I certainly saw that in various peers of mine,” he said.

“I often tell people I credit a lot of that to the shooting sports. I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed competing in trap and skeet shooting. They were things that grounded me.

Feel better now? Oh, if the hunting a leopard thing sticks in your craw, Donald J. disavowed his son’s hunting back in the day. Kinda. “My sons love hunting. They’re hunters and they’ve become good at it,” Trump told TMZ in 2012. “I am not a believer in hunting and I’m surprised they like it.”

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  1. The poor bastard, Did he not learn to read, exercise with a purpose or just develop a conscience when he was growing up? Of course not, I do not think guns kept him from drugs. As a rich spoiled brat, guns gave him a sense of entitlement, the Napoleonic complex of his father and a sense of invulnerability over anything ethical. He is an empty sack of flesh, like father, like son. If you practice ethical shooting sports, it develops patience, discipline, ethical behavior and self control and do not see any of those traits in the son nor his father.

    • It’s good to see that you’re offering reasoned and well articulated criticisms! So many prefer to just call people with whom they disagree by unkind names…
      I’m also quite impressed by your ability to evaluate his character and mental state based on minimal information.
      You’re truly a remarkable individual, Mr. Rodriguez.

    • Typical socialist, Alfonso. You’re angry cause he has a couple more bucks in the bank than you. Petty jealousy is an ugly thing.

    • Remember these words as you wait in line to surrender your tools of “ethical shooting sports” to the police next year. Comrade Commissar Hillary thanks you for your support.

    • I can’t definitively say you are right or wrong but you sure either assume A LOT, or you know as much as his phychiatrist.

    • So what brought you to this conclusion? Do you have something for us to read, or a video to watch? Just saying his daddy is rich so he is crap isn’t really enough. We are going to need a bit more.

    • I can here the leftists REEEING from here.

      He will make a great Senator/future President, like a Kennedy only does not hate/work to undermine America.

    • You should have known that you would be the brunt of the intellectual conservatives proclaiming that “Trump will …insert belief here…”. When Trump has been and has supported the left and the political establishment including the Clinon crime family all his life, yet 3 months before he runs for POTUS becomes conservative. I dont think Trump is a racist or an elitist (in the political sense), but I am 80% certain he is a fraud. If conservative voters had another candidate to vote for — hell, a semi-trained trained monkey or perhaps a demon from hell — they would defend them, because Hillary is not a choice. Having said that, even with the endorsement of the NRA, I don’t trust him. He plays the anti-establishment card and the GOP wails. It’s all a good show. Our rights are not a gift from government, they are our protected rights gaurenteed by foundation of the highest law within the Constitution. Several States and jurisdictions already infringe on gun rights — unconstitutionally. People should ignore these state imposed regulations, if they can survive the consequences. Yet here we are again reviewing in our subconscious what rights we have lost, afraid to loose more.

      Support the NRA-ILA and stand your ground.

      Food for thought:

      … But does it matter who you vote for?

  2. Yeah, the only pro-gun things I see about his kids seem Fuddish. That’s not particularly comforting.

    • Maybe, maybe not, regardless, I’d give him a hug and shake his hand before casting a vote to the hildabeast.

    • He is a very articulate supporter of the Second Amendment. He is not a Fudd who supports “hunting rifles” but is okay with banning those “assault weapons,” “high capacity magazines,” etc…

      EDIT: I had him confused with his brother, on the left, however if the brother is like that, he probably holds the same views.

  3. Ummmm…gleefully holding a dead leopard does not make me “feel better”. I just hope daddy is better than the hildebeast…

    • jealously is a mean thing fww. Neither I nor you have the funds to hunt leopard in africa. Judging those who do is short sighted and mean spirited. Would you dislike a picture of your average American grinning over a bobcat taken in a hunt?

      • Last year I could have been grinning over a picture of me and a fat, dead bobcat. But i missed. Just fucking missed. No excuse for it. I just fucking missed.

        • I missed one with a bow one time. I was in a tree stand and he walked right in front of me 35 yards out. I decided to let fly, as he’d been shitting in that very tree. Arrow went under him, i wasn’t too sorry I missed. The sumbitch jumped 20 feet high, that was something to see.

      • Not a bit jealous ark-I got no problem with hunting by rich BOYS. I just think it’s in bad taste holding a magnificent animal like that. You also missed the part about “I hope” daddy’s not a complete 2A putz. The last few weeks of Trump lunacy has not engenderd me with hope.

    • Anything is better than the Hildabeast. I’d vote for a flaming turd in a paper sack on my porch before voting for the Killery of rights.

    • Ummmm…gleefully holding a dead leopard does not make me “feel better”.

      On that, at least, we can agree, FWW.

      A soul addicted to drugs is redeemable. A soul that wallows in gleeful bloodlust because it has killed something beautiful? Probably not as much.

      • Shiiiit I’d be happy if I’d just taken a leopard too, I’d be happy just to have leopard hunting money, would you?

  4. Dang. I wish that defective looser had gone the drug route. The world would be so much better off.

    Hey Eric, there’s still time to start shooting…drugs!

    • Come on man. There really isn’t much wrong with what he said. He enjoyed shooting sports. Maybe he felt that his score might be affected if he smoked a huge dooby beforehand. Also, the type of people in shooting sports and hunting may have affected his worldview.

  5. I’m a millennial and unlike so many of my generation I have completely avoided all drugs. Guns are the reason for that.
    Once I got into guns I could no longer afford drugs.

  6. Holy shit, there are a lot trollish comments starting this thread. From user handles I have never seen before as well. If any of you care to respond, I would like to ask, Who is paying you for your vitriol?

  7. Mr. Trump’s children or young men I should say are very very big supporters of gun rights and our gun rights activists in themselves. I spoke for over an hour to both of them at the NRA convention this last time. Asking very specific questions about the function and operation of the AR-15 modern sporting rifle platform. They knew quite a bit about how the gun functions parts that were available on the market things we had both tried in building them. They’re not just reading off a list they know exactly what they’re talking about I’ve been building AR-15 rifles since 1988 and they were very much knowledgeable and very pleasant to speak with. I feel very strongly and supporting Donald Trump for presidency and anyone out there that doesn’t think Donald Trump is our man well I guess you can vote for Hillary Clinton and be a freaking moron.

    • Dave is on target here. Anything is better than the Hildabeast. Even a flaming turd in a paper bag on a porch that can’t answer a phone call at 3:00am or send an email from the correct email account, is better.

  8. While I have never been a hunter. I have no arguments with those who are, except when they favor me having to give-up my 2A rights to any extent.

    So, to the trolls commenting initially on this thread. I invite you to kindly go attempt sexual relations with yourselves. You’ll get more satisfaction out of that endeavor than you will ever get out of posting such mindless parrot-speak here. But feel free to exercise your First Amendment rights and project your bitterness and jealousy of the Trump children who had/have the money and opportunity to follow their dreams and passions where you, obviously, did not. I kind of enjoy hearing your kind whine and b*tch about how unfairly “Life” has treated you. It just goes to show how truly screwed-up you people are.

  9. “Eric Trump: Guns Kept Me Away From Drugs”

    The same can be said about fifty people a week in Chicago.

  10. Guns save a teen from drugs?

    You need to realise that a drug addict is much better than a gun owner, in Liberals’ perspective.

    • If you are a substance abuser you are more likely to be reliant on the state to spoon feed you. Democrats don’t like self sufficient/ self reliant people.

      • Winner winner chicken dinner! The doubling down on identity politics and class warfare over the past two years alone is just another piece of the DEMpendence puzzle.

  11. One of the things that reassures me most about supporting Trump (aside from him being the alternative to Hitlary), is the upright character of all his children. You can be a phony in many ways, but you can’t fake raising good kids.

  12. Both of his sons regular attend the NRA annual meetings and NRA-ILA banquets. They seemed plenty friendly and comfortable there and were surprisingly put together when compared to their unhinged father.

  13. From the negative comments here I will assume many people have never played competitive sports.
    Playing sports has keeped many a child out of trouble. It is used as a reward for good behavior.
    Perhaps people who never had children can’t understand this.
    Parents look for positive things to interest their children. His family had the money to pay for his sports activities. Some families will work multiple jobs so their children will be able to play their chosen sport.

    I’m glad his father supported his young sons interests.
    There are many jealous people out there.

    • “I will assume many people have never played competitive sports.”

      They have if “Competitive Sports” is the name of a video game.

  14. In regards to those potg that look down on hunting, whether its trophy, meat or spear hunting. You guys own guns for protection. But protection against what? A violent, prison trained and experienced predator is my assumption.

    How many of you non hunters have any experience at dispensing violence? I have experience in the military and the hunting fields. As do many of the other hunters I know.

    Do you know what a bullet does when it hits the meat? Have you ever had blood, literally, on your hands?

    Or are you going to wait to get your experience at the hands of a hard core gang banger on the streets, or god forbid, in your living room?

    You’ve got a gun. But if you’re too sensitive to point it at bambi how ready are you for the guys that visited the Petit family?

  15. I think it’s hilarious that people are clinging to Trump’s sons views on the 2nd Amendment because he’s waffled so much on his own.

    Don’t pay attention to Trump’s statements about the 2A – his SON is a YUGE 2A guy!!!!!

    Yet, the same guys want to blast Gary Johnson because his running mate wasn’t a big 2A supporter during his days as a Massachusetts governor.

    So just so we’re clear, Trump’s willingness to sacrifice the rights of the individual don’t mean anything, because his kid is way into guns, but Gary Johnson is a big lefty dying to restrict the 2A because his Vice President used to be a gun control guy, even though Gary Johnson himself says that the 2A is all about keeping the government in check, and needs to be left alone because the government doesn’t have the power to infringe gun rights.

    Some folks must have a reaction to cordite that makes them abandon reason.

  16. Do the trolls in this thread eat meat? Do they smile over a big juicy steak? If so, they can STFU. In actuality, many creatures die just because of your trollish existence. There is no way to prevent it and going vegan or being vegan won’t stop it.

    • Do the trolls in this thread eat meat? Do they smile over a big juicy steak? If so, they can STFU.


    • Many see a big difference in killing an animal that will feed others and killing an animal purely for a trophy. Most are perfectly cool with you doing both at the same time but frown on killing for the sake of killing or just for a pretty item to hang on your wall.

      And being a vegetarian does have a huge impact. The average person in the U.S. will eat well over 100 pounds of meat per year. If you aren’t eating meat then there is less demand and less animals die. That number reaches the hundred if not thousands in an individuals life time when you consider a single chicken or fish is a small amount of meat.

      All that said, I have no problem eating meat, especially meat that was fairly hunted.

      • Less animals have to die? all those animals are raised on for profit farms. The demand for cattle drops off to nothing and the rancher is not going to let those suddenly spared bovines retire on his dime. He will simply kill off the now surplus animals and turn his land to another crop that brings in a profit.

    • Do the trolls in this thread eat meat? Do they smile over a big juicy steak?
      I do not eat meat because I am a Veterinarian.

  17. Lets see . . . outdoor life style, early mornings waking up in the camp and enjoying breakfast by the fire, hiking for miles into the mountains to try to bag your favorite game. Sunshine, fresh air, physical exertion . . . or drugs. Wow, tough call there, but I think I’ll go with the outdoors lifestyle.

  18. I enjoy guns and drugs, just never at the same time. I can’t possibly imagine ever getting high enough to vote for Trump though.

    • “I enjoy guns and drugs, just never at the same time.”

      C’mon, man. Don’t tell me you never hunted for drugs.

  19. In the event that you are a substance abuser you will probably be dependent on the state to spoon nourish you. Democrats don’t care for independent/confident individuals.

  20. desirously is a mean thing fww. Neither I nor you have the assets to chase panther in africa. Judging the individuals who do is foolhardy and dastardly. Would you hate a photo of your normal American smiling over a wildcat taken in a chase?

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