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TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia are this website’s most valuable asset. Every now and again we invite content from our cherished readers and esteemed commentators, so they can give full voice to their hoplophilia. And award a brand new gun — and gun-related-swag-to-be-named-later to runners-up — to the best of the best. This is one of those times.

Announcing TTAG’s Spring Content Contest!

This year’s grand prize is the new APX 9mm pistol, courtesy of the good folks at Beretta. Their modular 9mm handgun is a most excellent firearm (read our review here).

To enter, simply put pen to paper — or better yet, fingers to keyboard — and produce some firearms-related content. We’ll accept anything firearms-related: gun reviews, gear reviews, political rants, new shooter how-to’s . . . you get the idea. If it’s guns, it runs.

[NOTE: If you’re sending a gun review, please click here and check our database to se if we’ve already reviewed your gun of choice.]

There’s no minimum or maximum length. Email your magnum opus to [email protected] with ‘CONTENT CONTEST’ in the subject field. Please send your work in the form of a Word document or paste it in the body of the email (no Google docs). Send any image files as separate attachments.

We’ll sift through all the entries and run the best here.

You have until midnight tax day, April 15, to get your entry (or entries, multiples are welcome) to us. Good luck and thanks for reading!

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  1. For the love of all that is decent, will you please award the grand prize to something other than a story about a relative’s tragic struggle to overcome something or other who bequeathed a firearm before dying?

    • Much like America’ Funniest Home Videos, the finalists will include some of the best but the winner will always be something involving kids or old people.

        • Fiction. It’s a thing. When I tell a true story, I get accused of embellishing. Might as well make shit up…

          “I was drunk the night my Moma got out of prison. And I went to pick her up in the rain…”

        • “Fiction. It’s a thing. When I tell a true story, I get accused of embellishing. Might as well make shit up…”

          You mean, ‘The Perfect Country Song’, perchance?

          Yeah, I’m showing my age…

    • Message received. Don’t give in to lefty-like reliance on stories of emotional rescue.

  2. Just out of curiosity, what do you do if the winner is from California, Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, or one of those other hell holes, and cannot legally own the gun?

    • The gun itself is perfectly legal in NY, just not the (I assume larger than 10 round) magazines. It would be annoying, but if I won the pistol, I would order some of the neutered mags.

      • I doubt it’s legal in CA. The not-unsafe handgun roster is shrinking and I don’t think anything new has been added for a while, since it now requires microstamping to get on the list.

    • They will receive an 8.5×11 framed photograph of the Beretta APX they would have won if they lived elsewhere, a 2-minute video of the TTAG crew shooting their APX and really enjoying it, and a TTAG decal. Next!

  3. It’s the prettiest kind of gun there is; the one that’s being given away for free. Italian Glock? Perfezione.

    • Then I have had 2 junk guns that have never had a failure of any kind. The Silver Pigeon on my list for later this year sure is the prettiest piece of junk I have ever seen.

    • After going around in circles on the last contest trying and failing to get my submission published, I’m less than enthused about going through all the effort again. It takes more than a few minutes to put together what I consider to be a thorough gun review and I don’t have a ton of time to throw away.

    • Yeah, same thing here. I submitted a review for the last one and it didn’t get published, and so I assume it wasn’t in the running for the contest either. I’m going to assume it fell through the cracks somewhere, because it may not have been a contest winner, but it was certainly better than some of the dreck that did get published.

    • I apologize for our failure to publish your work.

      Please re-submit the previous entry and/or another and rest assured it will get our full attention. Put CONTENT CONTEST in the subject field and it will NOT fall through the proverbial cracks.

  4. This is Dick. Dick has a gun. Dick has a Glock 17.
    His Dad gave it to him when Dick turned six.
    Dick has to give it back to his Dad so his Dad can lock it up.
    But Dick goes to the range all the time. His Dad takes him.
    See Dick shoot his gun!
    Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
    Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
    Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
    Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
    Bang! Bang! Bang!
    See Dick grin! Look at all those teeth!
    Dick likes to shoot.
    Dick’s Dad will take him to the range next week.
    See Dick grin more!

    This has to be the winner: it is simple, to the point, is all about guns, and features a boy and his father. Where do I send my FFL info? (-:

  5. Sadly my meager roster of guns does not warrant a review. My Maverick88 is OK but not worth an article…and the pistol has already been reviewed(and given 4stars).

  6. I’m a fan of everything Beretta – except this.

    As a poster in another thread stated – THE SLIDE LOOKS LIKE A FREAKING TOBLERONE!

  7. Currently in the process of writing two shotgun reviews, one for a new model that’s become in my mind an instant classic. The other review is for a an older model shotgun that’s quite underrated and has had very little written about it.

  8. I submitted mine a few days ago. I really hope you​ run it, it’s some of my best work!

    Sort of a sequel (or prequel?) to my Firestar review.

  9. The biggest impediment to success in beginning LR shooting is the scope and scope base. A 3×9 hunting scope with 35minutes of useable elevation will not get a new shooter to any where close to 1000yds. Zoom or magnification is not the issue. Useable elevation adjustment is.
    Base and scope need to add up to 100 minutes if possible. And yes you can hit a target at 1000yds with an 18 or 20 inch bbl, Ive done it but dont recommend it to a newb. Get a 26″ or longer heavy/varmint bbl rifle to start and go from there. The next thing eqpt wise you need is a decent bipod or front rest and a good rear bag. You’re 75% there now. If you really want to improve your chances at ringing steel at a grand, get an after market trigger that will adjust down to at least 1.5#’s. Get some good ammo and the ballistics from the mfr. Zero your gun. Dial in the come ups from the ballistics for the appropriate target yardage and you should be getting hits at distance. Cheers!

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