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Glancing at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to see if Roethlisberger is still on the team, I find this: Off-duty Pittsburgh detective charged in road rage:

State police said he was involved in a “minor sideswipe collision” with another motorist, Jarret J. Fate, 29, on the outbound side of the Parkway East near the Oakland exit. Detective Walker ran up to Mr. Fate’s 1975 Porsche and started kicking the driver’s side door, Mr. Fate told troopers. The detective, who stands 6 feet 1 and weighs 250 pounds, punched and shattered the window and windshield, then reached into the car and choked Mr. Fate, who tried to escape by driving onto a berm, police wrote in a criminal complaint.

Detective Walker followed after him, pulling his car in front of Mr. Fate’s so he couldn’t drive away. Police said he got out of the car again and continued to punch and kick Mr. Fate’s car before pulling a handgun from his belt and pointing it at him. Mr. Fate said he gave his license and insurance information to the detective, who copied it down and threw it back at him.

Walker’s record shows several flare-ups:

In November 2007, the detective agreed to undergo counseling to control his temper after he was charged with hitting his wife and choking his 17-year-old son during an argument over a cell phone.

Detective Walker was accidently shocked with a Taser by his colleague. Angry, police said at the time, he hit the detective with an open hand.

… an Uptown man claimed in a federal lawsuit that he lost the sight in his left eye because Detective Walker punched him repeatedly during a scuffle in October 1995.

If you have “anger issues,” don’t carry a gun. Think about removing access to your gun/guns until you’ve completed treatment (or calmed down). If you’re a detective who needs to carry a gun with anger issues, consider applying for a desk job or an immediate career change. If you’re a police department with a detective with anger issues, don’t let him carry a gun. That is all.

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