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Our recent blurb about Washington Times editor Emily Miller’s personal Mission: Impossible (obtaining a handgun permit in Washington DC) really hit a nerve. In slightly less than two days, the short post was clicked to almost 12,000 times. That’s pretty good, and it almost helps me forget that Brad Kozak scooped me on the Firefly poster scandal and got more than 20,000 hits. But enough about him . . .

Along with a spirited 2A debate, several comments speculated about the make and model of the pistol Ms. Miller posed with. Was it a Kahr, or a Sig? I put the question directly to Ms. Miller herself. Sorry, Tailgunner Joe, but Matt H got it right: it’s a Kahr. Ms. Miller herself set the record straight, in this TTAG exclusive:

I used [my editor’s] guns for the photos. He said to tell you that “the gun is a Kahr K40, purchased around 1997 — long before I had any association with The Washington Times. It has never failed me, can’t imagine a better concealed carry gun.”

Ms. Miller also puts to rest any speculation that the Washington Times was promoting Kahr Arms at the theoretical behest of the newspaper’s ownership, who may or may not also own a stake in the gunmaker. All-steel Kahrs are solid and reliable guns, but at 30 ounces loaded I find the K40 a mite chunky for all-day carry.

Maybe the DC Po-Po will let her save a half-pound and carry a polymer-framed Kahr instead? If they let her carry anything at all, that is. Check out her latest bureaucratic adventure here. And why are the DC police promoting Glocks, anyway?

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  1. Something must be wrong with me – I just now noticed there’s a woman in the picture, sigh.

    Hmmm… maybe it’s the gun version of this:

  2. KAHR 40 is a good gun. Used to carry one until the Glock 36 came out. It does fit nicely in the waist band because it is a single stack.
    .45 is better than .40.

  3. Interesting, I had dinner tonight with Dick Heller, who obtained a permit to have a gun in Washington DC too.


    I am happy like a little girl, more later. I’ll ask him if he’s heard of Ms. Miller’s quest.

  4. So sad that something so eloquently clear as the Second Amendment somehow ends up requiring a stack of papers and the patience of a saint. You make me so proud Emily!

    • Maybe The Washington Times should have to fill out a mountain of paperwork before printing their paper. SURE the constitution says freedom of the press, but it doesn’t say we can’t put enough paperwork in the way to make most give up!

  5. LOVE that remark from the policewoman in the Gun Registry office: “I’m only telling you these things to help you…”

    Yeah – “I’m from the government. I’m here to help you. I will respect you in the morning.”

  6. Being a Kahr guy I was rather surprised that numerous readers would wonder whether it was a Kahr or Sig… I know that they don’t have as distinctive lines or the ubiquitousness as a Glock or 1911, but it’s clearly a Kahr… Sig fans probably cried havoc too.


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