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Scary? Yes and no. For the yes part, skip to 3:00. For the no part, consider the fate of the Syrians.

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  1. I nominate that kid for IGOTD. No eyepro, no earpro, and his trigger discipline absolutely sucked.

  2. The only change is that prices have gone up due to increased demand. As for the “scary” part, that has been going on for as long as they have had firearms. It is nothing for someone in the middle of a large city to fire off a full magazine in the air in celebration. My Major and I had several rounds land close to us after Saddam was captured and we heard firing from all parts of Baghdad.

  3. In a couple of years from now, I expect to see that little kid on YouTube. He’ll call himself FPS Egypt and he won’t need to fake the accent.

  4. The Kid knows quality…thats a sweet German SIG….
    Holy crap, I am
    experiencing a cognitive dissonance…

  5. Meh…nothing like the abject poor and uneducated being flooded with guns.

    Egypt is arguably one of the most educated arab nations in the middle east, AND YET your still looking at around a 30% illiteracy rate. Harness that with people who still identify themselves with a “tribe”, and you have a recipe for good ol’ fashioned blood baths.

    Many leaders in oil producing arab nations rely on being able to keep their people uneducated and uninformed, because it’s easy to manipulate them. “Be happy in your poverty, because God despises decadance. Now excuse me while I ride off in my Rolls Royce”. But that will only play out for so long. Especially with guns flooding the streets.

    Viva La Revelucion

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